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A Wear to Work Blazer, Three Ways


A wear to work blazer three ways for a few easy wear to work business professional looks! 

So when I first started needing to dress business professional for work I googled for “reasonably priced” looks.  To me, reasonably priced means for sure under $50, hard stop, but clearly this is subjective.  I came across article after article of reasonably priced pieces that were all about being under $200.  Say what?!?  Actually it reminded me of when I used to work on commission at Nordstrom and a customer came in looking for  a “reasonably priced” t-shirt.  At that time in my life a reasonable price meant $6, but she said she was going for the $60-$70 range.  Since I worked on commission, I about cartwheeled around the store.  Not as fun when I’m the one paying though! 

To me, the pinnacle peak of work wear is anything that’s as nice as possible for as low a price as possible.  In this post I talk about my fave places to find wear to work outfits, and here I’m highlighting my go-to waffle weave Calvin Klein blazer from Macy’s with a fancypants gold zipper that I got for about $40, paired into three different looks.  I got everything on a lowest of low clearance, so I wasn’t able to link, but I’ve put where they’re from in case it helps in your shopping!  

Look #1 CEO Style

Guys, this outfit makes me feel like I could just walk into the executive suite at any corporation, take the corner office and no one would say a word.   This blazer is light enough for summer, but I think it’s a look you can take year round.  Side note: can I just say that now is the time for all peak 90’s hairstyles to have another day in the sun?  French braid, French twist, I’m lookin’ at you.  This time I’m pairing the blazer with a White House Black Market dress I picked up for $38 ~ WHBM isn’t just for lottery winners like I thought after all.  Blazer and necklace are both Macy’s and the wedges are Crocs.

Wear to Work Business Professional Outfit

Look #2 Black, White & a Statement Necklace

I feel like statement necklaces are an a decline in popularity, but I’m not going that route.  No matter what happens, statement necklaces are here to stay in my book.  I’ll be like the guy rockin’ the leisure suit in the 90’s — I respect that, you like what you like. Pants, White House Black Market $26, necklace J. Crew Factory and White House Black Market peplum sweater, $32, wedges Crocs.

Wear to Work Business Professional Outfit

Look #3 Spicing it up with a hot pink pant

Here’s me just LOLing because I love a brightly colored pant.  Nothing peps up a slow week like sashaying about in a hot pink.  Pants, White House Black Market $35, White House Black Market Shell around $30 and Crocs flats.

Wear to Work Business Professional Outfit

Those are my three work looks starring one jacket that are some of my go-to’s.  Any work go-to pieces you’re loving?  Tell me in the comments!

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