Hi, Friend!  I’m so glad you’re here.  I’m Carissa ~ wife, working mom of two boys and someone who’s always looking for ways to make things just a little bit easier.


Easy is what I like to refer to as “economy of effort” — save a little time/energy but still get a great result and have a little more time/energy for something else.  Because who doesn’t need a little bit of “easier” in their life?

My family and I live in the heart of central Illinois very close to the town that I grew up in.  I was born in a place I love surrounded by people I’m crazy about, so this is where we’re sticking around.  My two boys are four and one. The older one keeps me on my toes with questions like, “How do we know our dog is a real dog and not a person someone turned into a dog?”  (Gotta be honest — no way to tell!) The little one is a sweetheart and loves chasing his big brother around.

My husband is the CIO of the site — without him and all his technological wizardry, this site absolutely could not happen.  Plus he lets me explain things like, “Make it blue, but like blue if you were swimming in Bermuda and the sun was like shining through the water.  Like that blue.”

My husband and I met on a blind date that my sister (see the redhead below) and his sister set up.  You’ll see my sister-in-law Ashleigh on here as a makeup coach and you’ll see my sister Miranda here as my visiting hair coach (yes, I’m surrounded by incredibly talented people!)


 I truly hope these posts give you a shortcut, go-to recipe, easy style tip or organization hack that you love.  Please comment on any post with your thoughts or feedback. You can also email me any questions/ comments/thoughts.  

Thanks so much for being here!  I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

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