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Wear to Work Clothes for Women
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Ann Taylor Factory Wear to Work Finds


Some of my favorite wear to work looks from Ann Taylor Factory!

Ann Taylor Factory is a relatively recent discovery in my wear to work shopping.   Like I mentioned in this post, I had it in my head that even Ann Taylor Loft was very expensive and it was just not something I even looked at, but then a friend at a networking group introduced me to Ann Taylor Factory.  Guys, this is a workwear dream.  I’ve gotten pieces as low as $7 and the quality is great. 

I would list “sorting price low to high,” as one of my hobbies so that’s how I usually shop here, but I check the clearance and then always check the Style Steals section.  This absolutely fits my work shopping needs for “as nice a piece as possible, for the lowest price possible”.  Here are some of my favorite workwear looks from Ann Taylor Factory for the end of summer:

Wear to Work Look #1

Despite living in a completely landlocked state, my preferred aesthetic is “House in the Hamptons.”  I don’t actually have any desire to even go there, I just want to look like I do. Add to that that a pretend unit of measurement that I judge my shopping by is “price per wear” ~ like if you pay $12 for something and wear it twice, that’s a $6 price per wear, which is decent.  If you pay $100 for something, you need to wear it sixteen times to get that same price per wear (yes, I was an interesting student to have in math class, hehe).   That’s why I’ve never gotten a tattoo, I don’t want to get locked in like that.   This seersucker skirt is fully lined and the cowl neck sweater is super soft.  Best part:  each piece was $12 (say what?!) and I got the pink version of the sweater not pictured here for $7!

 Also excited that I recently got some tips for pulling off a  French twist without looking like a 1990’s era newscaster.  I’ll call that a win. 

Ann Taylor Factory Sleeveless Sweater $12.48, Ann Taylor Factory Seersucker Skirt $12.49, Necklace: Macy’s and shoes Crocs

Wear to Work Clothes for Women

Wear to Work Look #2

This scalloped shell is a little higher than my other finds in the post, but I loved the scalloped detail and the crisp white is fab for summer.  I have to take it off immediately upon arrival at my home or it would be ruined, but typically no one runs up to me at woek to give me a hug with barbecue sauce covered hands, so I’m A-Ok twith it as a work piece. 

Ann Taylor Factory Shell $23.99, Pants, White House Black Market, Necklace Macy’s, Shoes Crocs

Wear to Work Clothes for Women


Wear to Work Look #3

Can’t go wrong with a simple black and white in my book — plus these pants were $10 at Ann Taylor Factory (at that price they’re practically paying you to take them)  and they are stretchy and fit like a dream. 

Ann Taylor Factory Shell $19.99 $10.39 Pants, Necklace Macy’s, Shoes Crocs

Wear to Work Clothes for Women

So those are some of my go to business professional looks to wear to work to get through the end of summer!  Any other Ann Taylor Factory fans out there?  Tell me in the comments!

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