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Easy Freeer Slush | Spoonful of Easy #wineslush #wineslushie
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Blackberry Brandy Slush ~ No Blender Needed


Blackberry Brandy Slush is boozy perfection, especially when paired with champagne or Moscato.  No blender needed — just some freezer space — and you’ll be set up to serve boozy slush all summer long.

My friend Reet got the ball rolling on this post by mentioning how her mom always had a freezer full of slush to serve whenever guests stopped by.  Then that jogged my memory that my mom always had slush in the freezer all summer long that she would scoop up for guests or just enjoy in her lawn chair.  Guys, why is this a generational habit that fizzled out?  We need to fix this!  In honor of Mother’s Day, I propose a “Moms Need Slush” movement and let’s all commit to having a freezer full of slush this summer that we can serve to our moms, ourselves, and any other guests that pop by.  Because if there’s a better way to make someone feel welcome than by serving them up some boozy slush at a moment’s notice, I sure can’t think of it :).

Blackberry Brandy Slush How-to

You don’t need a blender for this one, which is awesome because I decluttered mine last summer, but I have been feeling like I’m missing out on frozen drink opportunities.  All you need is freezer space and a Tupperware-like container with a lid to hold everything in.  My mom always made hers using Apricot Brandy, but I wanted to shake it up on the flavoring so I grabbed Blackberry Brandy, but Apple, Cherry or Vanilla were also available.  Might be worth some experimenting for a future post.  For anyone who hasn’t had a flavored brandy, it doesn’t taste like hard alcohol at all when you mix it with the other ingredients.

Grab the rest of your ingredients: a can of orange juice concentrate and a can of lemonade concentrate along with a cup of sugar.

Boozy Slush | Spoonful of Easy #freezerslush #wineslushie

Throw it all in your Tupperware-like container and fill up one of  your concentrate cans six times with water and dump that in too.  

Boozy Slush | Spoonful of Easy #freezerslush #wineslushie

Mix it all up, pop on your lid and put it in the freezer.  Freeze for 24-48 hours, stirring a few times.  The sugar really sinks to the bottom, so be sure to scrape the bottom as you mix.  I stirred it twice before testing it right at the 24-hour mark.  This keeps fantastically in the freezer and you can just scoop it out as needed in the next month or two (if it lasts that long :). 

Serve it up!

When you’re ready to serve, scoop out some slush and mix it up with 7-up, champagne or Moscato.  I did some in-depth recipe testing on the alcohol options, and would highly recommend red or white Moscato, with red as the slight winner.  The champagne option is great if you want to lessen some of the sweetness of the slush, but in the end I preferred the sweeter taste.  The great thing with this slush is you can fancy it up with garnishes and special glasses for a brunch like you’ll see in the pictures here, even making it more of a boozy Italian ice depending on how you scoop it. But it’s equally tasty as a cookout beverage maybe with a side of watermelon cake.  I’m actually planning to take it camping this weekend in a smaller container and serve it to my mom and sister in a fancy schmancy red Solo cup. 

Boozy Slush | Spoonful of Easy #freezerslush #wineslushie

Boozy Slush | Spoonful of Easy #freezerslush #wineslushie

So I tested this on one of the first nice days we had, and thought how great would it be to get a fab outdoor shot of this drink?!  So while dressed to impress in a two-tone sweatsuit, I carried a big glass of this around with my arm straight out in front of me to eyeball the shot when my neighbor called hello from across the street.  I tried to explain that I don’t normally just carry glasses of slush around my yard doing a Frankenstein arm pose.  She was super nice about it, but in the end I just slunk back inside, so all you’ll see is inside shots on this one, hehe. But I will be posting some slush camping shots if you want to follow along on Instagram.

Any other generational habits besides brandy slush that we’re missing out on?  I’d love to hear in the comments.

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Blackberry Brandy Slush
A boozy freezer slush that doesn't require a blender and is ready to scoop up all summer long.
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
24 hr
Total Time
24 hr 10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
24 hr
Total Time
24 hr 10 min
  1. 2 c. Blackberry (or your choice of flavor) brandy
  2. 1 can frozen orange juice concentrate
  3. 1 can frozen lemonade concentrate
  4. 1 c. Sugar
  5. Mixer: Moscato, champagne or Sprite/7-up
  1. Add the brandy, two concentrates and sugar into a Tupperware-like container with a lid.
  2. Fill up an empty concentrate can with water six times and add that in.
  3. Stir it all up, pop a lid on and put it in the freezer.
  4. Let it freeze for 24-48 hours, stirring a few times (I stirred twice and served it at the 24-hour mark). The sugar really sinks to the bottom, so keep that in mind when you mix.
  5. When you're ready to serve, fill your glass up about 2/3 with slush and mix in Moscato, champagne or Sprite/7-up the remainder of the way.
  6. Enjoy!
Spoonful of Easy
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Easy Freeer Slush | Spoonful of Easy #wineslush #wineslushie

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