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Easy Fourth of July Recipes

Easy Fourth of July Recipes


I love anything seasonal — if you see me IRL this Fourth of July, I’ll definitely be in red, white and blue, wearing stars and stripes sunglasses and eating something that screams summer.  Below is a recipe roundup – drinks, appetizers, desserts and a main dish, that will allow you to serve something fun and impressive at a get together or potluck, but still let you enjoy the party too!  

Drinks: Easiest Ever Wine SlushiesEasiest Ever Wine Slushies | Spoonful of Easy #wineslushierecipe

Certified Easiest Ever Wine Slushies are here to help add some fun to your summer! This recipe is so insanely simple, you literally open a bottle and pour and you’re 24 hours away from a delicious wine slushie!  Prep it ahead of time for a Fourth of July party or just plan on drinking these all summer long (I know I am 🙂  Get the recipe here.

Appetizers: Baked Brie on the GrillEasy Grilled Baked Brie | Spoonful of Easy

I always feel so darn fancy any time I have any sort of Brie — it’s not like it’s so hard to get, they sell it at my local Walmart, but I always feel like I’m headed straight to my summer house in the Hamptons whenever I dip into a baked Brie.  So I hope you feel fancypants with this one too, even if your view this summer is more “hot mess toytown” than “beautiful Hamptons oceanviews.”  “Fancypants” isn’t geographically dependent, you know 🙂 Get the recipe here

Appetizers: Bacon, Egg & Cheese Deviled Eggs

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Deviled Eggs

These bacon, egg and cheese deviled eggs are a next level twist on traditional deviled eggs!  Easy to put together and a crowd pleaser at a cookout or on any summer dinner table. Read more here.

Dessert:  Red, White & Blue Sizemore Pie

Sizemore Pie ~ The Ultimate Summer Pie

Sizemore Pie is everything you want in a summer pie: easy, ice cold and loaded with a toasted nut and coconut topping with some chocolatey deliciousness thrown in for good measure.  Easy to make ahead and it cuts easily right out of the freezer.  Plus the recipe makes two pies — but this pie will seriously be gone in seconds! Sizemore Pie is the ultimate heirloom recipe — handed down and shared over several generations.  My Uncle Kent got it from his sister after she received a copy of it with her electric bill.  Side note — I’m imagining that this was some sort of customer relations move:  like “Hot about your electric bill?  Cool off with a slice of this delicious pie!” Honestly, more companies should adopt this practice now that I think about it.  Not a bad move at all.   Get the recipe  here.

Dessert: Red, White & Blue Rolo Pretzel Treats

Rolo Pretzel Treats | Spoonful of Easy #rolopretzelsrecipe

My 4 year old and I were discussing ways to be a good party guest and I asked what he could say that was polite when we first arrived to the party.  He looked thoughtful for a minute and said, “Hmm, I could shout, ‘WHERE’S THE FOOD?’” Not a good go-to party greeting, but I have attended a few parties where there was no food in sight and I totally could have shouted that.  I filed these under dessert, but they could just as easily be appetizers ~ don’t make your guests shout that at you, have some of Rolo Pretzel Treats ready to serve right when they walk in the door.  Three ingredients and the name “Rolo Pretzel Treats” does not do these tasty gems justice so that’s why I had to add some descriptive words to help paint a picture.  Imagine every delicious taste -salty, sweet, crispy, crunchy~ in one poppable treat.  Get the recipe here

The Main Event: Easy Seafood Boil   

Easy Seafood Boil | Spoonful of Easy #seafoodboil #oldbay

Yep, I am proof that even those of us from the landlocked states can master the Easy Seafood Boil.  So I had seen quite a few cool seafood boils on Pinterest and simultaneously thought, “Wow!!” and “Nope! Not for me!” Like I would certainly eat every morsel given the chance, but it seemed overly complicated to make at home.  But all that changed when a few friends on Instagram posted the most amazing pictures of a seafood boil and I started really rethinking my stance.  Especially when I originally thought the pictures were taken at a restaurant and I commented on their pics to find out where they were so I could go there immediately.  I was so surprised to find out that they had made it themselves and while camping no less.  They were so incredibly nice to share a step by step with me and guys it’s easy.  And delicious.  Which are basically the hallmarks of any recipe that becomes a go-to for me.  This recipe isn’t hard or work intensive (Yay! You get to enjoy the party too!), it’s all about the layering of ingredients, but the total cook time is over an hour.  Bonus: this recipe is it’s super easy to scale up or down depending on the size of your crowd. Read more.

Hope you have an amazing Fourth of July ~ filled with delicious food and drinks that you get to enjoy while relaxing ~ or relaxing as much as your children will allow you too :).  Hope it’s an amazing holiday!

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