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Easy. Peasy. Done.
easy no blender popover recipe
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Easy Peasy Popovers


Easy Peasy Popovers are a great side for breakfast or an elegant upgrade to a basic bead or roll. This recipe doesn’t require a blender or a popover pan!

You know how some people have great goals like learn a second language or become a Master Gardener? A lot of my aspirations have to do with food. Vacation wish list? Just places I want to eat.

So when I first read about popovers in a novel (cue a posh English country estate), they sounded right up my alley. Posh carbs are just better than regular carbs, you know? I never came across them in the wild since the area where I live has a lot of great qualities, but “posh” and “English estate” isn’t among them, so I searched for a recipe to try at home. Most of them called for a blender, which I haven’t owned since about 2004. Not like I’m above buying a specialty kitchen gadget — that’s how I came to own a mini donut maker : / — but I wanted to find one that didn’t require it. This easy recipe doesn’t need a blender or a special pan and it just churns out delicious crispy popovers! So simple ingredients + simple equipment + a huge win.

easy no blender popover recipe

What is a popover?

This section is also for my husband who kept asking, “wait — what are these called again??” the last time I served them. A popover is a delicious eggy muffin that’s hollow in the center. It’s a soft and chewy bread but crispy on the outside. It’s kind of like a cool fresh take on muffin.

Do You Need a Popover Pan?

Nope! Again, not above buying a specialty pan should the occasion call for it but these really turn out great in a regular ol’ muffin pan.

easy no blender popover recipe

How to Serve Popovers

This is a super easy homemade bread side I like to add to a breakfast with dinner menu. Eggs, bacon and popovers are just and easy and just feel a little more fancy than toast. “Fun” and “fancy” being goals for any and all areas of my life. Another great use for popovers is to serve chicken or egg salad. The inside bakes into a fun pocket that’s perfect for stuffing with a delicious salad.

Storing/Reheating Instructions

I was a little worried that these wouldn’t reheat well and I hate wasting food/time/effort. But I stored them at room temperature and then just popped them in the toaster oven at 350° for about 5-7 minutes and they were perfect!

easy no blender popover recipe

Any food aspirations on your list? I’d love to hear in the comments!

easy no blender popover recipe

No Blender Needed Popovers

Carissa Nelson
A delicious eggy bread that bakes with a ready-to-fill middle
Course Breakfast
Servings 9


  • 4 eggs
  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 t salt


  • Preheat oven to 450°
  • Grease two 12 c. muffin tins (I used Baker's Joy)
  • Whisk eggs by hand until uniform in color, but they don't need to be fluffy
  • Add milk and whisk until its incorporated
  • Add in flour and salt and stir it with a spoon (try to get the lumps out)
  • Scoop into cups, filling almost to the top — it will fill up 18 total cups
  • Bake 25 minutes, but don't open the oven at all during this time
  • Pierce the popovers with a knife right out of the oven
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