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Exercising with kids, bike edition #exercising #workouts
Kids/Baby Tips and Tricks

Exercising with Kids -Biking Edition


Exercising with kids is my absolute best way to make sure I get a workout in as a mom!  Here are my gear recommendations for making biking with kids easier — so you get in a good workout and they’re comfortable (and possibly content) while you exercise. If you’re looking for more recommendations, check out my Exercising with Kids – Stroller Style post for more ideas.  These are also great items to add to your baby shower registry or Christmas list!

So the weather in Illinois finally turned from “sweltering jungle sauna” to “crisp, delicious fall wonderland,” so it’s the perfect time to get back out there, biking or walking.  Sorry to all you summer lovers, but when the weather is bakingly hot, I do not venture outdoors.  I am what you call a “Fall Striver” — someone for who fall starts September 1, no matter the weather.  So I’m totally ready (I’ve been ready for weeks guys!) to pop on a cozy coze sweatshirt, and head out for a biking workout with the boys.    So here are my best gear recommendations for exercising with kids, bike style.  

Biking with Kids – Gear Recommendation #1


My original go-to is this bike pull-behind – it’s perfect for a single or double rider.  It’s rated for up to 80 lbs. – and if you’re looking for a super intense workout, pulling this with two kids in it will definitely do the trick.  It’s also really easy to attach to your bike, and equally easy to detach if you have the chance to bike alone.  Like I am the least technical person you will meet, and it’s easy peasy to get on and off.  And, while it will easily handle two riders, if you just have one kid with you, it’s not off balance or anything.  Perfectly fine with one kid or two.  It also has a pull over sunshade/bug screen and weather protector if the weather turns on you.  You’ll be soaked but kids will be good!  

As you can see from the pic below, my exercise mantras are “Safety first!”  and “Pack snacks.  A LOT of snacks.”

Exercising with kids


Biking with Kids – Gear Recommendation #2


My dad actually found this co-pilot bike — this is a great option when a kid hasn’t mastered the two wheel bike, isn’t that fast with training wheels, and maybe loudly complains about not getting to ride their bike too.  Yep, speaking from personal experience on this one.  It’s great because the kids need to pedal to help work the bike, but you control the balance/speed and you’re linked so where you go they go.  This one’s best for just taking one, or if you have two riders, splitting up — one in the pull behind and one on the co-pilot.Exercising with kids


Biking with kids bonus gear recommendations

  1. Phone holder:  I speak from personal experience — don’t try to take your phone out during a ride or you might or might not drop it on the street and then run it over with both bike tires.  Or you might definitely so that if you’re me.  This one here is great because you can still use it to check time/check your mileage, etc. without taking it out and fumbling around with your phone.
  2. Mirror:  Definitely for traffic safety, but I would say 90% of my almost bike accidents have been from me craning my neck back to check on my kids.  Apparently where my neck goes, my handlebars also go.  This one here has been great for double duty: traffic checking and kid checking.
  3. Bike bag:  I also love this bike bag for holding a house key, dog spray, etc., because once again, women’s clothes don’t have pockets.  We have stuff to store too, you guys!  I always go with the dog spray– because as I’ve found out– even if you’re really motivated, you can only ride so far so fast.  
  4. A Walmart bag: I’d never make it as a meteorologist because I am a terrible judge of weather.  Having a plastic bag with you takes the pressure off, because if you are caught in the rain, just pop your phone in and it will stay safe and dry.  See motivated/riding speed note above.

Any other biking with kids gear recommendations I missed or great tips for exercising with kids?  I’d love to know in the comments!

My Amazon Picks for Biking with Kids:


Exercising with Kids bike gear

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    1. Right?! Definitely had several almost-wrecks before it. Don’t know who those ninjas are that can whip around and steer in a straight line, but I’m not one of them 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Derek!

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