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Fall 2018 outfits
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Fall Fashion 2018 – Outfit Ideas Round #2


Fall (and fall fashion time) is finally here!  Here are three fall outfit ideas to get your ideas flowing and hopefully inspire some new fall looks you’ll love!  This post contains affiliate links.

Like I mentioned here, I think the best copycat looks are to be found just on women I see around town.  I think celebrity copycat fashion is great, but I’m probably not going to be able to easily replicate something someone got in Paris, or on Rodeo Drive.  “Got it Target” on the other hand?  I’m on it :).

Copycat Fall Outfit Idea#1

This first fall outfit inspiration came courtesy of someone in a grocery store parking lot.  I loved the navy/gold color combo.  I wouldn’t have thought to tie the tee, but I think it adds a polished vibe and can help you change up the look of a slouchier tee.

Now I’m a one trick pony on the shirt-tying front and I dusted off the skills I learned at a slumber party circa 1993.  It came back to me just like riding a bike, so –good news– is if tight-rolling your jeans comes back, I’m so ready.  Some skills you never lose, you know? Hehe.

Cardigan: Old Navy, something similar here

Jeggings:  Kohl’s, true to size, I’m wearing a 12.  Read a full review here or shop them here

Tee:  Target, true to size, I’m wearing a Large.  Find it here ($8!!)

Shoes: Crocs, find them here. Now listen, I’m coming for you non-Crocs lovers and plan to convert each and every one of you.  Do you like looking cute while feeling like you’re walking on a cloud?  If so, you like Crocs and don’t even know it yet :).

Copycat Fall Outfit Idea #2

I love the the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but this year it came around at a time where I had zero brainpower left for sorting through the deals because I was feeling like 1)  Will we ever be moved?!  2)  Should we just move with the clothes on our backs and start fresh on everything else?!  So absolutely zero shopping brainpower left, but then my FOMO (fear of missing out) would kick in and it was quite the mental cycle.  Audrey at Putting Me Together recommended this fab Nordstrom top and I have seriously worn  all over town this August/September and I’ll be layering it up with the cardigan you see below now that the weather is cooler. 

Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas 2018

Cardigan:  Find it here (P.S. I have this cardigan in an embarrassing amount of colors and it’s perfect for that layered look.  Size up, I’m wearing the XL)

Top:  I got this at the Nordstrom Anniversay Sale, and unfortunately they haven’t restocked it, but something similar here.

Jeggings:  Kohl’s, true to size, I’m wearing a 12. Read a full review here or shop them here

Shoes:  So I love fall and all things fall, but I will say I’ll wear a sandal as long as humanly possible.  Crocs again!  Find them here

Copycat Fall Outfit Idea #3

So for all the smack I talked about “Where is fall? I love cool weather!  I want to chug a bucket of Pumpkin Spice Lattes!”  Guess who was not ready from a wardrobe perspective when that first crisp day came?  In my defense, it had been 93 just a few days before, but we were totally scrambling getting the whole family in cool weather gear for a charity fundraiser we went to.  Guess who was not scrambling?  This fellow attendee looking cozy coze and adorable in a sweatshirt dress and amazing duck boots!Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas 2018

Sweatshirt Dress:  This fab sweatshirt dress is from Aerie and you can find it here.  Now the 1990’s had some hits and misses with fashion — pleated front, acid wash jeans, not a hit.  But I love any sweatshirt that has what I like to call the “LA Gear” cut: a roomy/cozy/oversized look, and bonus –pockets!  Wishing I had this one in a second color.  Runs true to size, I’m wearing a Large.  

Leggings:  Love some fleece lined leggings to complete any LA Gear oversized look.  Find something similar here.

Boots:  Now I technically could have chosen a pair of shoes I already owned instead of going with a duck boot.  But these are cute and sensible!  My husband is always after me for not wearing appropriate footwear in cold weather.  Well no more.  I can frolic about in these fab duck boots all fall/winter long.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out Fall Copycat Looks #1 and my latest Stitch Fix review that was all about fall readiness.  Any other fall looks you’re loving?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Love all these looks…and all fall fashion for that matter!!! But my fav is the stripes and yellow tee! You’re so right; the tie makes it look more polished!

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