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Fashom Review #1
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Fashom Review #1


Fashom is a style subscription service similar to Stitch Fix and Nadine West.  You fill out a style profile and you can choose your stylist.  You request a shipment and your stylist chooses 10 pieces for you and you choose five of those pieces to be sent to you.  You try everything on at home and then have three days to finalize your choices and mail back what you don’t like.  If you keep three or more pieces, you receive a 25% discount.   You can try it with my referral link here

So someone from Fashom– a hype woman if you will– reached out to me through the blog and asked if I’d be willing to try Fashom.  Now on the one hand, I’m pretty well stocked with style subscription services, heck any type of subscription services for that matter.  Pretty sure I see some judgment in my UPS driver’s eyes when he climbs our stairs yet again.  But, I also have a lot of FOMO (fear of missing out) and it was free to try, so I thought I’d give it a go.  

Overall, Fashom feels very new.  The style card and papers that came with the shipment were just printed on a color printer.  I’m not throwing any shade, you have to start somewhere, but Stitch Fix and Nadine West have some more cohesive branding going on.  Out of the five pieces I chose, one was subbed for a completely different piece (noted on the style sheet), one piece was supposed to be a one button blazer, but instead they sent a three-button jacket.  Like still the same color, but noticeable.  It’s one thing to mark it, but another just to kind of slide it by.  If the hook is that you get to choose the pieces, then you need to make sure people can receive the pieces they choose.  They do have an app, but the website says “beta” and it all feels very beta.  That being said, they did send recognizable brands that are a little more higher end like Jones New York and Tahari.  I needed to reach out to customer service and I will say they were the fastest responders out of Nadine West and Stitch Fix (I am throwing shade here, you’d be better off reaching out to Nadine West via Pony Express as far as speediness goes).  

Fashom Unboxing Video


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So I told you guys I was going to be taking you on a tour of the house to find a good possible spot for mirror selfies while my husband is taking a break as photographer.  So for this week I’m reporting from my dining room, complete with seasonal decor tale toppers and my super 60’s light fixture that I really love (it adjust up and down!  It doesn’t take a lot to excite me, hehe.)  Hope you can get an idea of the pieces!

Fashom Pieces #1 and #2

Fashom review

Faux Trouser Pants $48 and Roll Tab Knit Top $38

My Take:  The pants were great.  Great stretch, a nice thick waistband and a great material.  That being said, I don’t think they’re intended to be a crop pant, but they’re definitely a crop pant on me.  I’m 5’9″, so in the spring/summer/fall I just wear a lot of pants as crop pants and call it a day.  But it’s 40° here, so the party’s over on the “regular pants as crop pants” parade.  The shirt looks so much like something my mom would love.  But it’s zero me.  I feel like it would be so cute on the right person — I could see someone striding confidently around the office in this — but the style is just off for me. 

Fashom Pieces #3 and #4

Fashom review

Long Sleeve One-Button blazer $48 and Short Sleeve Crossover Hem Top $30

My take:  So I really liked the blazer I picked out, but that is not the blazer they sent.  I received a three-button jacket.  I wanted a one-button knit blazer.  It looks just a little too small — it could be the sizing, or it could be all the Halloween candy I’ve been eating.  Either way, I do love a blazer, but not a boxy jacket.  The t-shirt has a cute crossover hem, but anything knit and fitted is not a great fit on me, and this is no exception. 

Fashom Piece #5

Fashom review

Drapey Jacket $40

My take:  So I think my face says it all here. The piece I requested was really cute — a navy floral blazer.  On my style sheet, they’ve written “Replaced with a similar item” but nothing else.  I’m assuming it’s the same price, but I have no idea if it is or not.  The piece they sent could be so cute on the right person, but that person is not me.  On me, this looks exactly like a housecoat my Grandma Lucinda owned circa 1986.  I look zero trendy.  In fact, I don’t know if I could look less trendy.  Yikes.  Again, if the hook is that people can pick the pieces, you need to send the pieces that they pick. 

Will I be back for another Fashom shipment?  Based on the responsiveness of the customer service, I think I will.  Maybe it’s still early days and like Nadine West they’ll just keep getting better?  I might give them a month or two and give it another go.  Anyone else out there try Fashom and have better luck?  I’d love to hear in the comments! Update — I think they are improving, I haven’t been back yet, but my friend from Mama in the Midst’s had a great first shipment with them!  Check it out here.

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  1. I totally have FOMO! I hate missing out on anything new and fun! I haven’t done any clothing subscriptions though….I already have too much!

    1. I should slow down, lol! And then when it’s already in your hands at home, the FOMO is worse and you think you need everything!

  2. I actually started laughing at the photo of the floral ruffle jacket. (Did they actually have a photo of that to pick?) all I could think of was if your hair was fluffier you look like a apostolic Pentecostal on her way to the grocery store. Ok, with that said I’m afraid of signing up with that service.

    1. No! I picked a lovely navy floral blazer, but it was out of stock and they “substituted a similar item” with that jacket. Yikes! I feel bad because I know they’re just starting, but still some big kinks to work out!

  3. I absolutely love your face in the last one!! I too struggle to hide my true feelings with facial expressions, so I can totally relate!! Thanks for the review!!

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