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Easy Gift Bag Organization
Organization Tips and Tricks

Gift bag organization


So I would not say that by nature I am a frugal person.  Like I’m situation-specific frugal.  Subscribing to literally any and all subscription boxes known to man?  Oh yes, I’m so there.   Like I overheard a coworker talking about a subscription box I’d never heard of, and I am now a fellow subscriber.  Turnaround time on that one?  We’ll put that one in the “couldn’t get my phone out fast enough” pile, hehe.   But when it comes to wrapping paper, I’m chincey.   I once saw a tweet that said “buying wrapping paper is literally just buying trash” and I find that to be so incredibly true.  So I don’t do a lot of wrapping paper and am a huge gift bag hoarder and reuser because it’s a huge money saver and nothing to throw away.  

 My previous gift bag storage game is best described as “unlabeled large brown box.”  I couldn’t find the right gift bag when I wanted it and had to buy one anyway and it was the hottest of hot messes.  The easiest peasiest solution ever?  Cardboard magazine organizers.  These here are the exact ones I used.   Here’s a breakdown of what to do if you’d like to hoard gift bags, but also be able to find said gift bags …

Step 1: Figure out your organization categories and label

Pretty simple for me, I went with: Baby, Wedding, Christmas,  two birthday ones since those come up a lot and specialty holiday.  I also ended up doing a separate one for tissue paper and gift tags. Decide what you need a lot of, what you reach for the most and then go with those categories. 

Now I am a huge proponent of not letting aesthetics keep you from getting a job done.  Shout out to all the fabulous Pinteresters who create things like beautiful fully lined repurposed diaper boxes with scripted labels.  I admire your work so much.  But my personal take on it is that if you can read a label, then that label has done it’s job, and anything else is just sprinkles on the sundae.  So grab the poor man’s labeler (AKA Sharpie marker), some Dollar Tree labels and go to town.  Or if you have the inclination, make a beautiful label.  The great thing about these projects is it’s totally up to you.

Easy Gift Bag Organization

Step 2: Time to assemble

Line up your holders and fold/slide your gift bags in.  I’ve done this with lots of different size gift bags, and I haven’t had any trouble unfolding them and making them look legit again.  Just make sure you don’t crease them.

Easy Gift Bag Organization

Easy Gift Bag Organization

Step 3: Rinse and repeat

Keep at it until all your holidays are done!  Pretty easy to see what you’re working with and grab what you need.  Much better organization system than the large brown box as it turns out :).

Easy Gift Bag Organization

That’s it!   Easy to whip through this project in about 15-20 minutes, and you’ll always have a gift bag at your fingertips ready to roll.  




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