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how to wear your brightest lipstick
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How To Wear Your Absolute Brightest Lipstick


This post is for that one crazy bright lipstick shade that you just feel like you could never wear.  You so can!  Much like my hair posts, I love  makeup, but I just have regular makeup skills.  But my sister-in-law Ashleigh is an amazingly talented makeup artist who is so good that she’s a regular at movie shoots, so she’ll be my coach for any makeup tutorials.  So again, you can definitely do this because I could do this but I called in a pro to make it fab! This post contains affiliate links.

I do love a bright lip and don’t shy away from the brighter lipstick shades.  That being said, I picked out the Urban Decay Big Bang with some of my Sephora Beauty Insider points.  And I love it — it’s hot pink glitter and just fun all around, and if this was Prom ’99, I would be slicking this stuff on non-stop.  But … I’m a mom of two and just don’t feel like I can pull that off.  When I tried it as a full lip, it reminded me of Never Been Kissed when Jessica Alba’s character goes, “No, I’m Disco Barbie!” at the prom scene (I’m telling you, Prom ’99!)

So when Ashleigh came over to do some makeup coaching, she assured me that I can in fact pull this lipstick off with a few little modifications which I’ll show you step by step below.  I used Bite Beauty Rhubarb as my muted color for this one since it also has a blue undertone and made a good complement to my bright shade.

wear your brightest lipstick

I love the pictures of models enjoying their beautiful makeup on yachts, but let’s keep it real:  here is one of me enjoying my glitter lip with a hot mess of toys behind me :). 

What about you guys, do you have any makeup you love like a so bright lipstick shade that you just don’t feel like you can wear it but you can’t give it up?  Tell me in the comments and I can call Ashleigh in for some future tutorials!

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