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Cabi Fall 2018 little black dress
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A Go-To LBD (Little Black Dress)


Three letters for this post: L. B. D. ~ or Little Black Dress for you non-acronym lovers :).  If you have a little black dress that’s a go-to, you know the power of a piece you can dress up or down and and that makes you look and feel amazing.  To me, you know you’ve found it when you look in your closet and think, “I have nothing to wear!!”  and then simultaneously think, “Oh, yeah I do!”  It saves a variety of wardrobe emergencies.  I did receive this dress at a discount, but all opinions are my own.

So this little black dress is my first piece from the Cabi line.  I had heard of the Cabi brand before, but they really got on my radar when I went to recent networking event and most of the group was picking up/rocking their amazing new Cabi pieces.  I felt some wardrobe envy in that moment. Well I’m envious no more as I just received my first Cabi piece, and I’m in love!  If you’re not familiar with Cabi, the basic idea is that they provide an alternative shopping experience to a typical mall trip.  You can work with a stylist, host a party, or shop through their app/site.  I would highly recommend shopping through a stylist, because my stylist Nancy knew everything about every piece I asked about — cut, fit, what I might like about it.   If you’d like more info, here is an amazing write-up that tells you more about the company, the Cabi Fall 2018 line and what it’s like to have a party. 

Okay, here’s how I styled my new little black dress:

Little Black Dress Look #1 Dressy Wedding Style

Cabi Fall 2018 little black dress
So not only have I committed to never wearing a strapless bra again like I mentioned here,  but I’ve also committed to not wearing shapewear again if I don’t really have to.  I don’t think “dressy” and “comfortable” need to be mutually exclusive.  Plus I really love wedding cake.  This dress feels fantastic and just skims over you, plus it’s got a full (yep, full!) lining and a great stretch, so no shapewear needed here.  So you too can enjoy all the wedding cake you want.  Find the dress here (I’m wearing a Large) and similar pumps here.  I tried to find something similar on the necklace and bracelet — they were actually my bridesmaid’s jewelry from a friend’s wedding and I have worn the heck out of them — but I couldn’t find anything close.  If you have any recommendations, send me a link, and I’ll definitely add it.

Little Black Dress Look #2 Layer It Up!
Cabi Fall 2018 Little Black D

So I loved in Living in Yellow’s recent “What to Wear to a Fall Wedding” post where she said that we don’t have to be like freezing 19 year olds at 2 am headed home from a night out, we’re all allowed jackets for fancy events.  And isn’t that so true?  My signature move back in the day was what my friends and I called “the disposable raincoat” – we’d pop a garbage bag over our heads and tear out a hole for the face.  As a coat.  Yes this is real and yes I’m grateful that social media wasn’t really a thing yet (insert the facepalm emoji here, hehe).   So I’m never going the garbage bag route again, but it can be hard to find a great coat that goes with your dressier outfits, so I’m really loving this coat here for a layered look for an outdoor wedding or to wear to/from the event.

Little Black Dress Look #3 Like A Boss
Cabi Fall 2018 Little Black Dress

I love that this dress could easily transition to a work/interview look and I’m so happy it’s a work-appropriate length on me (I’m 5’9″).  I paired it with this bracelet here — and if my ears didn’t revolt whenever I changed earrings, I would loved to have worn these as well.  As far as the blazer — all of my blazers and my blowdryer are still missing post-move (Questions: Is it only things that start with “B”?!? Will they randomly turn up in 3 years?!? More questions than answers at this point.)  So I had actually just borrowed this blazer from my mom for something else and it worked perfectly with this dress and now she might not get it back :).  Find something similar here for the blazer and similar shoes here.  

If you’d like to grab your own L.B.D., or to learn more about Cabi, be sure to check out Nancy’s menu of services beneath my signature, or head on over to or email nwalker723 at for more info. 

Any other Cabi lovers out there?  Any pieces I’ve missed and should check out?  Tell me in the comments!

Cabi Fall 2018

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