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Living in Yellow Fall 2018 Review
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Living in Yellow Line at Nordstrom Review


Living in Yellow is an amazing fashion blogger who just launched her fall line at Nordstrom.  I’m so excited to share some of my faves from the Living in Yellow line with you!

So for this Living in Yellow line, it’s all about cozy.  Now, I love cozy, but I also love versatile.  I wouldn’t call all of these “day to night” pieces, but to be honest, I saw a tweet once that totally described the whole “day to night” thing to me perfectly:

Living in Yellow review

And I agree with that, but when we’re talking versatile pieces that are not relegated to only one wearing category.  Oh, yes!  So a lot of these pieces can be polished athleisure, casual wear or even office appropriate!  I ordered the majority of the line to try with the exception of the off the shoulder pieces.  Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve committed to never wearing a strapless bra again, so I knew those weren’t going to be a good option.  I’m 5’9″ and normally a 12 and a Large for reference.

Side note: guys, it only took four? five? times for me to accept the fact that whoever the cool mirror selfie takers are out there, I am not in their number.   When I tried to take a mirror selfie, I consistently had to bend my body like a weird snake to still hold the phone and show the outfit.  Then to make my face look natural, I had to look at the mirror, but then I couldn’t see the photo button on the phone, so my facial expressions ranged from “borderline combative” to “on the verge of a nervous breakdown.”  99 problems here, friends.  So I finally found my selfie remote!  And after shouting “it’s broken!!!!” and having my husband inform me it was actually just out of batteries, and getting it all set up, I think I’m finally ready to take a decent photo solo.  Hallelujah!  Pretty sure getting into grad school was easier than that whole process, hehe.  But thanks for bearing with me on the journey :). 

So on to the Living in Yellow collection!

Gibson x Living in Yellow Judy Plush Fleece Pullover, $64

Living in Yellow Fall 2018 Review


My take:  I’ve been in the market for an asymmetrical neckline sweatshirt for a while now.  I’ve only seen them on random Facebook ads — fun story, I followed a Facebook clothing ad once to a company I’d never heard of and couldn’t believe the prices!  I ordered and ordered and when my order arrived, all the pieces were made of that silky material Halloween costumes were made out of in the 80’s.  I just needed a hard plastic mask to complete the look.  Anyway, it’s high highs and low lows on the straight from China goods, and I just couldn’t try again.  So, I was thrilled to see the exact style I wanted from somewhere legit.  Loving this neck detail!  I think the only thing that I would change is the inside isn’t the usual soft fleece sweatshirt material, but it’s more of the looped stitch terry cloth type feel.  Not make or break, but just a note.  Plus this has thumb holes, which I love!

Close up view:

Living in Yellow Fall 2018 Review

The Full Scoop: I’m wearing the Grey in a Large.  Available in three colors, XS-XXL Regular and Petite.  Find it here.

Gibson x Living in Yellow Ellen Brushed Check Shirt, $59 

Living in Yellow Fall 2018 Review

My take:  I loved the pink and blue plaid on this one.  That fabric felt great and the sleeve length was good.  That being said, a pintuck front can be really unflattering on me, so I knew this one might be a gamble.  You think it’d be a good look on an apple shape, but nope!  It just increases the apple look.  Plus, this won’t be an issue for everyone, but I wish one designer would put an inside button in the middle of a button up shirt to avoid the boob gap.  Please.  It will be like first person to put a reasealable top on a freezer bag — other people had no choice but to follow!  Bottom line, we put a man on the moon, let’s make a button up shirt where we’re not afraid to move our arms into different positions.  Again, maybe not an issue for you, but I had this is always a problem for me, not just on this shirt.  

Close up view:

Living in Yellow Fall 2018 Review

The Full Scoop: I’m wearing a Large in the Pink/Blue.  Available in two colors, XS-XXL, Regular and Petite.  Find it here.

Gibson x Living in Yellow Lou Tie Front Fleece Sweater, $54

Living in Yellow Fall 2018 Review

My take:  This top just felt amazing.  Like the best and drapiest knit ever!  I love that I could wear it to work, but also wear it with a pair of Zella leggings for a more polished athleisure look.  Not like I won’t go to Walmart as a prime candidate for a “People at Walmart” feature, because I will.  Plus, how can you guarantee you will see someone you haven’t seen in 15 years if you’re not looking as rough as possible?  Fun fact: last week I was looking like a train wreck while painting our front porch and when our new mail woman came to the door, I discovered it was someone I went to high school with that I haven’t seen since probably 2000.  You don’t even need to leave your house for it to work!  Anyway, sometimes I want a more polished vibe, so this top looks fab with jeans, a dressier pant or a legging.  Love that this is the trifecta and can be worn any and all ways. Plus I love that the tie is in a super flattering spot.  Definitely a winner!

Close up view: Living in Yellow Fall 2018 Review

The Full Scoop: I’m wearing a Large in the Black/Ivory.  Available in four colors, XS-XXL, Regular and Petite.  Find it here.

Gibson x Living in Yellow Diana Cozy Knit Wrap Top, $54

Living in Yellow Fall 2018 Review

My take:  Ahh — I’m so in love with this top!   Drape front tops can have the same fate as the button front tops when you’re heavier on top.  Like spend the entire night adjusting the gap in the drape.  So been there.  Nope, not this time, this was the drape of a lifetime.  Plus I want to dye all my clothes this color, love it!  Same as the striped top above, you could wear this as loungewear, with jeans or to work.  No limits here :).

Close up view:

Living in Yellow Fall 2018 Review

The Full Scoop: I’m wearing a Large in the Deep Teal.  Available in five colors, XS-XXL, Regular and Petite.  Find it here.

Gibson x Living in Yellow Skye Cozy Jogger Pants, $44

Living in Yellow Fall 2018 Review

My take:  These are so incredibly soft and I loved the jogger styling.  I love a loungewear legging, but sometimes you just want to be in “let it all hang out” relaxation mode.  I went back and forth of these, but they’re just made of a thinner material.  Everyone else in my house is hot-blooded, so I’m in freeze mode like all the time this time of year.  As such, I really need a heavier knit or thicker sweatpant.  Loved the comfort level, but they were just too thin for me.

The Full Scoop: I’m wearing the Large in Black.  Available in two colors, XS-XXL Regular and Petite. Find it here.

Gibson x Living in Yellow Shirley Ponte Jogger Pants, $49

Living in Yellow Fall 2018 Review

My take:  Dang, I want to be a cool person who can pull off a ponte jogger dress pant, but I’m not that person.  These are a great fit with a stretch and a nice thick knit and a thick waistband, but I’m just not feeling like they’re 100% my style.  Plus they’re definitely in the crop territory on me, and the Illinois weather is no longer at all in the “crop pants conducive” range.  Maybe a look to revisit in the spring!

The Full Scoop: I’m wearing a Large in the Black.  Available in XS-XXL, Regular and Petite.  Find it here.

That’s it for my Living in Yellow at Nordstrom review!  I hope you’ve found some great pieces that you’d love to try!  Looking for more fashion scoop?  Check out my Stitch Fix Reviews and more Fashion Reviews here.  Anyone else try the Living in Yellow line?  I’d love to hear in the comments.


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  1. Great review! I kind of want it all after seeing it on you!! I tried the thin joggers her last line and thought they were a bit sheer…did you think that with these?

    1. Yes! They were sheer and didn’t feel quite thick enough for my taste either. I missed the joggers the last time around!

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