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Nadine West Review
Nadine West Reviews Fashion Reviews Style

Nadine West Review #3


My third Nadine West Review!  Nadine West is a style subscription service similar to Stitch Fix, but is a lower price point.   You fill out a profile and they choose pieces for you — mine have been a mix of apparel and accessories.  If you’d like to learn more, check them out here.   This post contains affiliate links.

I discovered Nadine West when their ads showing up in my Facebook news feed.  Their main competitor is Stitch Fix, and they did throw some indirect shade their way because their main hooks are that you receive an outfit vs. just separate pieces, and the items are priced way lower than Stitch Fix at $10-$30.  It’s a monthly auto-ship program, but you can cancel at any time and if you don’t keep anything, you just pay for the shipping.  I did two shipments in the spring (check out my first Nadine West review here and my second review here) but then the shipments started to get further and further from my style and I didn’t keep anything and was out the shipping, so I gave it a rest, but decided to give it another go.

I did need to go a different direction with my fashion pics you’ll see below.  We call my 21 month old “Baby Tornado” and so my CIO (my husband) can only moonlight as my photographer if Baby Tornado is asleep.  The man wears many hats around here :).  So the timing just didn’t work, and I needed to go the mirror selfie route.  Still kinks to work out on the best place/angle to shoot that way (you’ll get a little sneak peek at my neighborhood because I’m shooting from my front porch.  Hey, I go where the light is :)), but hopefully you can still get a good idea of the pieces.  And check out my unboxing video below for my initial thoughts.  Unlike Stitch Fix, you can’t peek, so it’s all a surprise when you open it.

Nadine West Review #3 Unboxing Video


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So here’s my thoughts on what I received:

Nadine West Review Piece #1: Bracelet $8.49

Nadine West Review #3 #nadinewest #fashion

My take: First, this is the most unflattering picture of my hand that has ever been taken.  But, I’m so loving this bracelet, I still put it out there.  And that price — less than $10, woo hoo!  I am not a great accessories shopper, but I’m also super picky about accessories that are sent to me.  Lots of fun for my style subscription stylists, I’m sure.  Loved this!  

Verdict: Kept!

Nadine West Review Piece #2: Leaf Me Be Necklace $19.99

Nadine West Review #3 #nadinewest #fashion

My Take:  I made the mistake of letting my son “try-on” a necklace of mine and he lost it.  In the car.  So I was down a fashion necklace and this totally fits the bill.  Love the length, and the feather charm is too cute.

The Verdict: Kept!

Nadine West Review Piece #3: Jaicee Top, $34.99

Nadine West Review #3 #nadinewest #fashion

My Take:  Fitted knit tops are just not for me.  They are zero flattering and I spend the whole time I’m wearing them adjusting them.  I did love this goldenrod color though, but the floral print seemed a little young on me.

The Verdict: Returned!

Nadine West Review Piece #4: Mesh Arrow Leggings, $25.99

Nadine West Review #3 #nadinewest #fashion

Nadine West Review #3 #nadinewest #fashion

My Take:  When I first received these, I thought “ho-hum, another pair of leggings” but these were so fantastic.  They have a phone pocket, a great high rise and the perfect amount of stretch.  Plus that adorable side detail you’ll see in the picture above.  But I have soooo many leggings.  So many.  There is just no need for another pair.  I almost pulled them out at the last minute, but I just couldn’t justify it.

The Verdict: Returned (begrudgingly)

Nadine West Review Piece #5: Cozy Cardi, $33.49

Nadine West Review #3 #nadinewest #fashion

My Take:  Love this color — like a light dusky plum.  And layering pieces are always really good to have for fall — love a good cardigan.  This was just a little too long and trendy on me.  Like I’m not that trendy.  I’m more of a medium-trendy.  I like to play it more in the safe zone with my cardigan length, so this didn’t quite do it for me.

The Verdict: Returned!

Nadine West Review Piece #6 Not Your Grammy’s Cami, $19.99

Nadine West Review #3 #nadinewest #fashion

My take:  It’s a spaghetti strap, and I’m not wearing that solo because 1) I’ve committed to never wearing a strapless bra again and 2) I don’t want to.  Hehe.  So I’m showing it layered here.  They put the tag in the worst spot, so there’s not getting around that in the pics.  I liked the tunic length and cool cross detail up front.

Verdict: It’s a no for me.  I don’t really need another layering cami.  Returned!

I’m definitely going back for another round next month!  I’m not a great accessories shopper, and I’ve worn those pieces multiple times already and it made it my favorite thing: easy!  And cheap.  Yep, cheap and easy, just the way I like it :).  Added customer service bonus: I received a recorded voicemail from Nadine West (the person) thanking me for my order and it was a really nice touch.  Be sure to check out my Nadine West Review #1 and Review #2. and Review #4 here.  Anyone else out there try Nadine West?  I’d love to hear in the comments!


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4 Comment

  1. OH BOY! I have read so much about subscription boxes so I signed up for Nadine West. First thing I saw was a pair of earrings. (My first thought was not even a broke prostitute would buy these.) If she did I would slap her! Second thing I pulled out was a infinity scarf grey and a shiny blue thread through it. I don’t care for that type of scarf at all. (Worst part of that was the yarn it was made of, I don’t think there was a natural thread in it.) Third thing was a grey swing dress. I was surprised at how it fit and felt. It was cute. But it’s winter not summer and it was just boring grey! Then the shirt I kept. Plain black but it fit and was a nice style. Oh and then…. I think it’s suppose to be a shirt so do I need to say more?

    I will try it a few more times then I’m onto the Nordstrom’s box.


    1. Your commentary seriously cracked me up!! Mine took a few times to get closer for sure — for a while it was like the shark hem tunic factory leftovers. But all of the accessories have been really good for me lately!!

  2. So, I landed on your reviews when I was Googling to get info on this subscription. I had to laugh about your comment on the pic of your hand. The other day I looked at mine and the skin just isn’t the same as it was back in my 20’s and I actually said out loud, “what happened to you?”

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