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nadine west review
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Nadine West Review #1


My first Nadine West review – a more affordable style subscription service.  I just happened to stumble across Nadine West’s Facebook ad and decided to give their style subscription service a try!  If you’d rather watch than read, you can check out my video review here

So as you might have guessed if you’ve been following my blog, I really like having things that someone chooses for me delivered to my home (ahem, Stitch Fix, Birchbox, and those are just the ones I’ve discussed on the blog, hehe.)  Soooo, if it’s in a box and delivered to my door, I’m probably going to give it a try. 

Obviously the Facebook algorithm has discovered this about me as well and Nadine West’s ads started showing up in my news feed.  Their main competitor is Stitch Fix, and they did throw some indirect shade their way because their main hooks are that you receive an outfit vs. just separate pieces, and the items are priced way lower than Stitch Fix at $10-$30.  It’s a monthly auto-ship program, but you can cancel at any time and if you don’t keep anything, you just pay for the shipping.  I went for it!

Signing up for Nadine West 

Sign-up was fairly easy, and when they say a 30-second style quiz, they mean 30 seconds.  You look at 5-6 pictures of outfit collections and click which of those pictures you like.  Then you write a few lines describing your style and that’s that.   After signing up, they let me know that they were expanding fast, so I’d have to join a wait list, but if I would share that I had signed up on Facebook, they would move my name up the list.  About four days later I received an email that my first package would be here in about four days.  So not too much of a wait in the end!

Nadine West Review #1

What I received in my first Nadine West shipment – unboxing

Check out my unboxing here:


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Here are some flat lay shots of the four items I received: a top, bottom, necklace and earrings.  The top was a Nadine West house brand, but everything else were brands I hadn’t heard of like “Leggings Depot.”  

Top: Just a Swingin’ $22.49 Bottom: Inked Rose $21.49

nadine west review

Earrings: Forrest Waves $14.99 Necklace: Off Balance $29.99

nadine west review

Nadine West Try-on Time!

Guys, I hated every single thing in this package!  It took everything I had in me to put this outfit on for you for the post.  First, like I mentioned, one of their selling points is that they send a complete outfit, not different pieces.  In what world are these pieces an outfit?  A long, dangly necklace with a casual henley-neckline top with dangly earrings?  

This outfit was unflattering and completely not my style in any way, shape or form.  I never want to completely trash pieces because I’m sure things I’ve worn and loved are 100% on someone else’s “Clothing I Would Never Let Near Me” list.   So maybe this outfit would be a hit for someone else, but it could not have been less of a hit for me. (Style note, my earlobes have a weird “champagne taste” thing going on and I can’t wear costume jewelry earrings, only the real deal, so that’s why you won’t see those in the try-on pic.)

Nadine West review
Begrudging smile pictured here 🙂

Will I be back for another go with Nadine West?

Well, I’m not out anything since they waived the first shipping fee for this package and it was easy to return with the pre-paid label.  I like that the company is a small business and trying to grow.  The hooks in their ads spoke to what I feel like I’m missing from my go-to, Stitch Fix: more outfits and more affordable pieces.  So I’ll send in my feedback and I’ll be back next month with another Nadine West review.  Fingers crossed for next month! (Spoiler alert: I did go back.  Check out Nadine West Review #2 and Nadine West Review #3)

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7 Comment

  1. I just got my first Nadine West box last month and I hated it. They sent me an oversized white t-shirt and an oversized maroon shirt or dress, I could not tell what it was. They sent me some kind of workout shorts that were not at all my style. I kept the black leggings and a bracelet. I am waiting for my second one now, I was able to jump online and see what they were sending me. Once it gets to me, everything is being sent back. It is so frustrating. Wantable is were its at. They NAILED IT on the first go!

    1. Kayla how do u jump on line to see whats being sent. I’ve been trying to find out how to do that

    2. I haven’t seen Wantable — and I’m a sucker for subscription boxes, lol! I will have to try them! I kept hoping Nadine West would get better, but it just was so incredibly hit and miss and some things would arrive broken. Wanted to love it, but didn’t! I didn’t see the feature that you can see what’s on the way though!

  2. Every shipment notification I got said the packages would be late and that the return date would be adjusted. The second shipment I got they charged me for the entire thing even though I put what I didn’t want back in mail box the same day I got it. They tried to get me to agree to apply my credit to the next shipment and I refused. I kept only 2 items but they charged me for three. I pair of leggings that I received had a run in them and I put them back in the package but they charged me for them. I have cancelled my subscription and do not know if I will be going back. I had Stitch Fix for a while and cancelled because their items were a little spendy, but think I would go back to them before I got to Nadine West again.

    1. I didn’t have a great experience with them — I liked a few things but I agree it was hard to reach them and just overall hard to figure out. Stitch Fix is definitely pricier but their customer service is always excellent. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stopping by!

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