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Old Navy Shorts Review | Spoonful of Easy #denimshorts #jeanshorts
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Old Navy Shorts Review


class="itemQuantity">Old Navy shorts roundup! My goal for you: let’s be cool and comfortable this summer in a great pair of shorts.  Ones that fit great, but also let you have a full range of motion for all the hauling onto the pony rides and bending over at the petting zoos you’re probably going to do this summer — if your summer calendar looks anything like mine :). This post contains affiliate links.
Last round I reviewed Target shorts and found some real winners.  I  also had quite a few people recommend Old Navy shorts to me so I wanted to check those out too. I’m reviewing four different Old Navy options here, a 3″, 5″ and 9″ inseam jean shorts and a chambray linen pair.
Okay, first up …
Old Navy Distressed Boyfriend Shorts for Women 3″, $29.99
Old Navy Shorts Review | Spoonful of Easy #denimshorts #jeanshorts
My take:  I love the idea of a “boyfriend” fit in any kind of denim, but it just never ends well for me.  I’m a 12 pretty much everywhere, including Old Navy, and these were not even close to buttoning.  Like I would say 2 inches off from being able to button them.  Plus it’s about 10 years too late for me for to want to try to pull off  a 3″ inseam in a fitted short, which I didn’t realize until I tried them on.  No, thank you!  So these were a no — if you’re more of an hourglass or pear shape, they might be a good bet for you, but the sizing was so off on the waist for me that I had to just shoot them in the flat lay.  Side note: is “cute in the flat lay,” the new version of “cute on the hanger?” Something to ponder on :).  Available in 00-20, one wash.  Find them here.
Old Navy Slim Denim Midi Shorts for Women 5″, $24.99
Old Navy Shorts Review | Spoonful of Easy #denimshorts #jeanshorts
My take:  The fit was way better on these vs. the boyfriend fit and they did have some stretch, so if you like a more structured jean short you might like them, but I need a ton of stretch in my bottom pieces.  Like basically a piece of Lycra dyed blue would be my ideal denim bottom, so these weren’t that comfortable to me.  But I’m way more comfortable in a 5″ inseam, so that was a win to know that’s the length for me for all my future online ordering.  These came up just an 1″ or so under the belly button, which is a rise that tends to be unflattering on me as it just gooshes me in (spell check says that’s not a word, but I’m voting to make it a word 🙂 in just the exact wrong spot.  Plus the cuffs were not that stretchy and I did get that “thigh vise grip” feeling when I bent over.   So not a win for me, unfortunately.  Available in sizes 0-20, one wash.  Find them here.
Old Navy Slim Bermudas for Women 9″, $24.99
Old Navy Shorts Review | Spoonful of Easy #denimshorts #jeanshorts
My take: Bermudas seem like something I would really love.  Great length, but a slim and tailored cut.  In my head I’m wearing a cute tie top with them and looking adorable heading to like a 1960’s era surf party, but in reality they just are not that flattering on me.  I feel like they make my legs look super short and really add some size to my hips.  I’ve got my own target areas that I’m trying to flatter, so I don’t really need to add any extra areas into the mix.  Like the other shorts, they were a little tighter in the waist than I typically like — because I like zero tight in the waist.  But if you’re shaped differently than me, you might really like these.  Decent stretch and they hit an inch or so below the belly button.  Sizes 0-20, one wash.  Find them here.
Old Navy Mid-Rise Linen-Blend Chambray Shorts for Women, $26.99
Old Navy Shorts Review | Spoonful of Easy #denimshorts #jeanshorts
My take:  I was hoping these had some stretch, because typically I run away from any fitted, woven shorts.  Unfortunately, there is zero stretch and I am 100% squeezed in.  One time a friend told me that when he sat down in his car, the button from his pants shot off, hit the steering wheel and bounced back and hit him in the eye.  That would definitely happen to me in these if I moved an inch.  On the plus side, the length was decent and there was a ton of room in the thigh area, but in order to avoid any button-to-eye injuries, these were a no for me.  Available 0-20, one color. Find them here.
So my takeaway is that Old Navy shorts were highly recommended to me, so they definitely fit some people’s shapes really well, just not mine.  Give me a 100% Spandex short disguised as standard denim, and I’ll be happy.  Any other shorts brands I missed that I should check out, let me know in the comments!
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