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Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake
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Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake


Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake is an easy summer dessert that starts with a boxed cake mix.  Mix in some Jello for flavor and color and you have a sweet and tangy dessert that’s a unique potluck or picnic idea or just an easy summer dessert to eat at home!

So it’s been a hot minute since my last post.  While we were moving, I tried to keep up on working full-time, organizing a new house and keeping up my blogging schedule along with caring for little kids and let me just say I learned a few things about what “sustainable pace” means — or doesn’t mean for that matter.  So I love this blog and appreciate all of you so much and I’m going to post as much as I can while still having fun with it!  I appreciate you following along!

The Perfect Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake Recipe Quest

So this recipe is a labor of love — like most of my recipes that were a labor of love, it was really motivated by imagining how delicious this could be and wanting the chance to taste that vision.   My mom mentioned in passing that years ago she had had a Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake at a church bake sale and she hadn’t seen anything like it before or since.  And it was like record scratch — yes, obviously pink lemonade and angel food cake should always go together and we’ve all been missing out all of those years.  

I am what they call an “Elder Milennial” ~ I definitely remember a time before computers (umm like any time you had a question pre-Internet and your dad would direct you to the Encyclopedia Brittanicas in the basement to find the answer).  I nnow feel like having to look up info in the encyclopedia vs. Googling it is my generation’s version of walking uphill to school both ways :).  But the internet swooped in and saved all of us information junkies, so I feel really unsettled when the internet fails me.  I googled for this recipe.  I Pinterested my heart out.  I found some recipes that were kinda it, but like a ton of work for very little pink lemonade flavor.   If the output doesn’t match the effort level, it’s a hard pass from me.  So it finally struck me — my signature move is adding jello to things to make them delicious and improved like the One-Bowl Watermelon Sheet Cake and Easy Grinch Cupcakes.  Why deny your signature move?  And that was absolutely the fix here!  A box of angel food cake mix, two half boxes of jello and I got a perfectly pink, tangy and sweet summer cake that I could not stop eating!

Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake How-To

Grab your box of angel food cake mix – I used the Betty Crocker kind.  Now you can absolutely make a homemade angel food cake ~ I have once in my life and my biggest problem with it is what do you do with 12 leftover egg yolks?!  If you know the secret on that one, please tell me in the comments.

Prepare the mix per the package directions, adding in half a box of strawberry jello and half a box of lemon jello.  Also, when the directions say “don’t grease your angel food cake pan” don’t think “Huh, wonder if they’re serious.  Let’s find out”  They are serious and unless you want to eat an angel food cake that is the size and consistency of a spare tire for a wagon, you don’t grease.  

Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake

Mix It Up and Bake!

Now sometimes my hoarder ways make life harder (i.e. trying to move house when you own alllllll the things) but other times it pays off like how my angel food cake pan is my grandma’s from the 40’s and I love. 

Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake

Bake it according to the package directions and let it cool as directed.  Quick note — if you are baking in humid conditions, it can take a lot longer for this to really be done — like sometimes almost extra 10 minutes.  Look for that golden brown top and a bit of cracking at the top to let you know it’s done.  Loosen the edges before giving it that final flip.  If you’re baking in more humid weather, this takes about 10 minutes extra to really set up and crack on top. Be careful not to underbake or it will fall flat!

Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake

Time to serve it!

Now you can absolutely serve it as is, but I for one have never had a cake that I thought couldn’t benefit from a little icing.  So go for it no icing or …

Pink Lemonade Angel Food CakeOr mix up a little water/powdered sugar glaze and go to town.  I’m assuming this would last a week, but as I grabbed a hunk of it every time I walked by until it was gone, I really wouldn’t know for sure.  If you are able to resist the pull of the Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake, I’ll also take advice on that in the comments :).

Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake

Any other varieties of Angel Food Cake you’d like to see in the future?  Tell me in the comments!

Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake

An easy sweet twist on traditional angel food cake that uses a boxed cake mix and Jello for an easy and special pink cake!
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  • 1 box Angel Food Cake Mix, prepared to package directions I used Betty Crocker
  • 1/2 small box Lemon Jello
  • 1/2 small box Strawberry Jello
  • Powdered Sugar Glaze if desired


  • Prepare the Angel Food Cake Mix per the package directions
  • Add in 1/2 a box of lemon and 1/2 a box of strawberry JELLO and mix until incorporated
  • Bake in an Angel Food cake pan per package directions **if it's humid, this takes up to 10 extra minutes to bake. Watch for the golden brown top and a bit of cracking on top to know it's done**
  • Let it cool per the package directions and serve it as is or add a powdered sugar glaze!
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13 Comment

  1. Hi this looks great. I used the egg yolks to make lemon curd, or any kind if curd you like. You can then serve it with the cake or make lemon curd icecream🤗

  2. Hello! I made this (and it tasted fantastic) but I was confused on the cooling. Did you leave yours in the pan as is (and run the knife around and pop out) or did you cool upside down as with regular angel food cakes? I tried to cool mine upside down and it immediately fell out of the pan (no greasing) and then sort of sank into more of a bundt-ish cake. So…tips? Thank you! I am ready to make another one but first want your input!

    1. I’m so glad the taste was good, but I’m sorry it didn’t turn out exactly! I cooled mine upside down — the first time that I greased it, it did fall out into the bundt cake shape, but when I don’t grease it, it stays in shape. I did find that this last time I made it, it needed almost 10 extra minutes — possibly it’s been so humid that that played a part in it. So I think my best tip is to make sure the top is starting to brown and crack before you take it out. I hope that helps and I’m happy to trouble shoot more!

  3. You can make “homemade noodles” with the yolks. We used to use 1/2 gallon yolks, 1/4 cup of water and about 10 lbs of Durham flour . The flour makes extremely brilliant yellow noodles from the mixture of yolks and flour. Use a rolling pin to flatten into an 1/8 inch thick sheet and hang noodle to dry until no longer tacky to touch, (use a fan to speed drying) . Then once the noodle sheet is ready place on protected counter or table and cut sheet of noodle into strips 1/2 inch wide. Place on sheet or towel to dry completely with air blowing across. Failure to completely dry will result in moldy noodles if packaged wet. We usually fluffed them after a couple hours and dried overnight before baging . This type of noodle is a long cooking variety taking 40 min or so until tender.

    I am making my first attempt at a jello flavored angel food cake tonight and found your information encouraging. One of my favorite flavors to make is a marchino cherry nut one which uses a base of vanilla, almond, 1/4 cup of cherries and 1/8 cup of walnuts. Do not add cherries or nuts until folding batter just prior to filling pan to keep batter from being deflated from large chunks of nut and cherries. Also batter must be stiff enough to support solid pieces during baking or else particles will sink to bottom of pan.

  4. I am looking forward to spring and summer so this sounds so good! Have you made an orange angel food cake? I’m thinking 1/2 box orange 🍊 jello and 1/2 box lemon 🍋 jello then follow your recipe.

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