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shredded cheese

Shredding Your Own Cheese ~ Just do it, already :)


So I am 100% about shortcuts and making things easy.  But one fussier step that is worth your time and effort is shredding your own cheese from the block.  It’s meltier, it browns up better, it’s just the definition of getting more bang for you buck. This post contains affiliate links.

First~the work involved.  Grab your grater.  I love this Oxo grater— it’s the most versatile for comfort since you can adjust the angle of the grater.  It fits the best into the dish you’re grating into and you since you can adjust the angle, it saves your knuckles from unintentional grating.  Pro tip:  save your knuckles at the very end and just pass out those remaining hunks to passing children. 

 shredding your own cheese

Is shredding your own cheese as easy as opening a bag?  No, sir it is not.  But, in almost every recipe I make, I do take the time to just shred my own.  It will make such a huge difference in the taste and texture that you just won’t be able to go back.  I usually buy a big variety of cheese blocks and just shred them up as needed.  It takes about a minute per block.   Bonus, you can just throw it in the dishwasher.

shredding your own cheese

shredded cheese 

Any other “fussy” steps that you’ve found to be worth the time?  Tell me in the comments!


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