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Stitch Fix Reviews Style

Stitch Fix July 2021


Stitch Fix Review July 2021!  How does Stitch Fix work? Stitch Fix is a styling service where you fill out a profile and a stylist chooses ten pieces (clothes, shoes, accessories) and you choose your top five picks for them to send your way for a $20 styling fee.  If you keep anything from your fix your $20 fee is applied as a credit and if you keep all five things, you receive a 25% discount on your whole fix.  You have three business days to make your choices and anything you don’t like gets popped into a prepaid envelope and dropped into the mail.  Basically Stitch Fix is a mail order personal shopper. Curious to find out more? You can sign up here with my referral code.  This review contains affiliate links.

So this fix my only request was a light jacket. I feel like the weather is all over the place, plus mosquitos LOVE me, so I wanted a light throw on jacket a la a jean jacket. And I love the bottoms my stylist sends me so I asked for her to mix in at least one bottom too. Here’s my preview, unboxing, and review! I’m a 14/XL and 5’9″ for reference!

Summer Unboxing

Even though I previewed and picked these pieces, I still totally forgot what was coming — so the unboxing is a surprise still!

A New Way to Stitch Fix

They started a new way to Stitch Fix in April as best I could tell — I could review 10 items and pick out the 5 that I wanted to receive out of those choices. I have really like this as sometimes they’ll send two similar pants but you can tell you won’t love the rise, etc. so you get way closer to the pieces. Here’s what was in my preview:

Going top to bottom here, I went with that first pair of jeans because I love what my stylist sends for bottoms. She knows a tall apple shape and those looked perfect for fall. I passed on the hoodie because I have a million right now after a year of a lot of athleisure wear. I passed on the second row because I wanted just one bottom and I’ve tried Liverpool before but wanted something new and cargo jackets just aren’t my scene. I knew I had to grab that shell pink windbreaker! You know how some people are about shoes? That’s how I am about jackets! Like what if it’s rainy but warm but windy? I want to have a jacket for that lol. I’m also not a big tee wearer so passed on the last one.

Yes and yes to this second batch — I picked both the yellow and blue jackets! I passed on the dress because I feel like they’re getting shorter and shorter and I want to be able to not be afraid of a free show while I’m out. I also picked the blouse! Then two weeks later my fix shipped and here is my review and final picks:

LUQ Rhee Tie Front Top $38

Initial Thoughts: Pretty pumped — I love that wider and deeper v-neck and I’m also really into elbow length sleeves which you just don’t see enough IMO. That and short sleeve sweaters. Designers, take note!

The Try-On: If you see me literally anywhere this summer, it will be in this top. It arrived at like 4pm on a Friday and I had the tags off and was wearing it to a Hot Dog Jamboree (yes, that event really happened) at 5pm. You’re seeing it here after I’d already worn it once! The drape, the cut, the print — everything was a win!

The Verdict: Kept!

Liverpool Temma Denim Jacket $88

Initial Thoughts: Yes! I love that this shakes up the usual denim jacket look in a color that’s wearable for now and later!

The Try-On: Guys, this jacket is EVERYTHING. If you see me this summer, I will probably be in it. The picture doesn’t do the color justice at all — it’s this cool, variegated look that looks super high end. The jacket has an awesome weight to it and stretch so there’s a total range of motion. I love a traditional jean jacket too but I hate feeling like I have to move my arms like Barbie arms. I could do Zumba in this thing.

The Verdict: Kept and wore immediately to an event the next day! If it’s too cool for that blouse, you’re gonna see me in this jacket now – snowfall.

Liverpool Temma Denim Jacket $88 – v2

Initial Thoughts: I knew either the turquoise or the yellow would be a winner if the fit was on, so I had to see both.

The Try-On: It’s the exact same style as the turquoise one so it was fantastic. I almost kept both — if the price point was lower I totally would have. But this yellow is more of a butter color and it’s just an odd color on me. The turquoise picture doesn’t do it justice and the butter picture makes it look more flattering that it was, honestly. And it was a little too buttery of a color to be a fall color and not just a summer piece I’m making work in fall. And I’m nothing if not a fall purist hehe.

The Verdict: Returned!

Levi’s Lia Hooded Windbreaker Jacket $69.99

Initial Thoughts: I love a good windbreaker!

The Try-On: Dang, it is so cute on! But this shell pink is pretty now, but it’s honestly close to my springtime haven’t seen the sun skin tone and I think it will just look like I’m not wearing anything on top. Plus a shell pink is a LOT of pressure when I plan on wearing this to kid-events – I envision time getting ketchup, snow-cone, and elephant ear stains out of this. But it’s the cutest of cute and I feel that way in it!

The Verdict: Begrudgingly returned. Soooo begrudgingly.

Just Black Winslette Super Skinny Jean Anti Viral $88

Initial Thoughts: Excited to try these! My stylist is usually awesome on bottoms and a great pair of jeans is hard to come by!

The Try On: So I couldn’t post the try on because these weren’t a win! Sometimes a button fly is cute and structured and sometimes it’s a total squish in and this was the latter. The length was good but I could only button them if I planned to not breath and I’m pretty partial to it so these were a no!

The Verdict: Returned!

Okay that’s it for my July 2021 Stitch Fix! Does anyone else out there have this new preview model where they send you the 10 pieces first? Any thoughts, let me know in the comments!

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  1. I have only had two fixes from Stitch Fix so far and I love them but I have never been able to choose my own clothes yet! Maybe one day?? I’m worried that it would make it seem a little less like Christmas morning! rofl….LOVE that turquoise jacket!

    1. I got it a few months ago and my sister got it just last month, so I think it’s layering it out! I honestly forget what I’ve chosen, so it’s still the same for me. And it does solve that disappointment of “oh, thanks I love this, but I have something just like it!” Thanks on the jacket — it’s literally my cooler nights uniform! Thanks for stopping by!

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