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Stitch Fix Review #4 | Spoonful of Easy #stitchfixoutfits
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Stitch Fix Review #4


Stitch Fix Review #4!  For anyone wondering, “Stitch what?”  Stitch Fix is a styling service where you fill out a profile and a stylist chooses five pieces (clothes, shoes, accessories) to send your way for a $20 styling fee.  If you keep anything from your fix your $20 fee is applied as a credit and if you keep all five things, you receive a 25% discount on your whole fix.  You have three business days to make your choices and anything you don’t like gets popped into a prepaid envelope and dropped into the mail.  Basically Stitch Fix is a mail order personal shopper. Curious to find out more? You can sign up here with my referral code.  This post contains affiliate links.

So like I mentioned in my last Stitch Fix review I wanted all athleisure pieces this time — basically looking fab while lounging about.   I peeked because I always peek 🙂 and I saw some pieces I was excited about.  If you see anything that inspires your next Stitch Fix requests, you an always pin right from the page, or I have a roundup of just my screenshots on this Pinterest board.  Here’s what my stylist sent …

Stitch Fix Piece #1: Market & Spruce Britta T-Shirt Dress, $64

Stitch Fix Review #4 | Spoonful of Easy #stitchfixoutfits

Initial thoughts:   This definitely looks like it fits the bill on athleisure.  Flowy, comfy, but still cute.  I do have something similar in a brighter color, but I was excited to see this on.

The Try-on:  Nope!  I had to add a shaping tank top to feel semi-okay about taking a picture in this.  And nothing takes away from the comfort of athleisure than having to wear a shaping tank with it.  This hugged every single curve, and not in a good way.  It was kind of moving toward bodycon and out of flowy territory.

Stitch Fix Review #4 | Spoonful of Easy #stitchfixreviewsrecent

The Verdict: Returned!

Stitch Fix Piece #2: Cosmic Blue Love Mae Linen Short, $58

Stitch Fix Review #4 | Spoonful of Easy #stitchfixoutfits

Initial thoughts:  I try to stay away from a fitted woven short, but I do like a looser linen short, depending on the fit.  Not crazy about a duskier color — I’m all about the bright, but interested to see what I have that matches up in my closet.

The Try-on:  These are shorts that I absolutely would have rocked in 2006, but for my life today, they are crazytown short.  Like I’m half an inch from my butt cheeks hanging out.  Since my lifestyle is more “Sesame Street” than “MTV Spring Break” these days, I’m going to have to pass!  I did love that this perfectly matched a top from a previous fix, but still a no go, unfortunately.

The Verdict: Returned!

Stitch Fix Piece #3: Beach Lunch Nesper Tie Front Button Down Shirt, $54

Stitch Fix Review #4 | Spoonful of Easy #stitchfixoutfits

Initial thoughts:  Umm, that I’m going to need some cat-eye glasses, a glass bottle of Coke with a stripey straw while I head to my try out for a Beach Blanket Bingo remake.  Loving this retro vibe – it looks like preppy perfection. 

The Try-on:  Yes!  It has the classic button down shirt problem of button gap on the middle button, but I can either wear a tank top or sew it closed if I’m feeling extra ambitious.  The material on this felt like super cool vintage too — a very fine weave with a tiny bit of a drape.  This is spectacular!  And yes, I realize the irony of asking for athleisure, but really loving the preppy piece in the mix, hehe.

Stitch Fix Review #4 | Spoonful of Easy #stitchfixreviewsrecent

Style note: I’ve paired it with my Target shorts that I reviewed here.

The Verdict:  Kept!

Stitch Fix Piece #4: Good Hyouman Ocilia Drawstring Cotton Knit Top, $44

Stitch Fix Review #4 | Spoonful of Easy #stitchfixoutfits

Initial thoughts:  Meh.  It does fit in the athleisure category, but I think I’m the only person in the world on who black is not a flattering color.  Sleek and slimming yes, but I trade off with taking on a bit of a vampire pallor.  You think that would be hard to acheive in the middle of the summer, but nope!

The Try-on:  This is so crazy thin that it’s flirting with being a burnout top.  I don’t want to have to layer a tank with another because ~ scorching heat this summer~ but I had to for the see-throughness.  It doesn’t have that great of a drape and I’ve definitely seen lots of similar options for less. 

Stitch Fix Review #4 | Spoonful of Easy #stitchfixreviewsrecent

The Verdict:  Returned!

Stitch Fix Piece #5: Current Air Claude Embroidered Top, $58

Stitch Fix Review #4 | Spoonful of Easy #stitchfixoutfits

Initial thoughts:  At first I was a little miffed because it looks a ton like the top from my last fix that I thought looked too young for me, so we’ll see.  But I had asked my stylist to chase down a top I saw in a Stitch Fix ad and this looks similar to that top I was talking about.

The Try-on:  It is similar to the top from my last fix, but different enough that it looks way more sophisticated to me.  Love that scallop hem and the ruffle front doesn’t make me look super top heavy like I thought it might.  The color was fabulous and it’s kind of a boho/preppy combo.  Like if you headed for Coachella straight from a J. Crew.  Not an easy combo to achieve!

Stitch Fix Review #4 | Spoonful of Easy #stitchfixreviewsrecent

The Verdict:  I really like it — I need to be discerning though.  The striped top was totally wowza, and I need to play it cool which I wouldn’t say is a shopping strong suit of mine.  Returned, but it was tough to do it!

So, my poor stylist.  I ask for athleisure and then keep the preppiest piece in the bunch.  I think next fix I’m going to look at our calendar and get event specific for my requests — pretty sure we have a lot of fairs and festivals on the horizon.  What’s on your next Stitch Fix list?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

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Stitch Fix Roundup #4 | Spoonful of Easy #stitchfix #stitchfixreviewsrecent

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