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Stitch Fix #6 #stitchfixreviews #stitchfixreviewsrecent
Stitch Fix Reviews Style

Stitch Fix Review #6


Stitch Fix Review #6!  For anyone wondering, “Stitch what?”  Stitch Fix is a styling service where you fill out a profile and a stylist chooses five pieces (clothes, shoes, accessories) to send your way for a $20 styling fee.  If you keep anything from your fix your $20 fee is applied as a credit and if you keep all five things, you receive a 25% discount on your whole fix.  You have three business days to make your choices and anything you don’t like gets popped into a prepaid envelope and dropped into the mail.  Basically Stitch Fix is a mail order personal shopper. Curious to find out more? You can sign up here with my referral code.  This post contains affiliate links.

“Stitch Fix Six” has such a nice ring to it.  Full disclosure:  my last fix came right in the middle of move craziness.  At that point, I didn’t even know where half of the clothes I already owned were, in fact I spent an entire Saturday in a pair of pajamas looking for my them (Side note: The move I envisioned was super organized and chaos free.  Spoiler alert:  that was not how this move ended up at all, hehe. Chaos reigned supreme) And to be completely honest, I barely opened last month’s box and gave super minimal feedback.  I read my stylist’s note and she worked so hard picking out those pieces and I felt bad — one time I heard a saying that you are the villain in someone else’s story and I feel like I’m that for her!  So this fix I requested all fall pieces and a new pair of stretchy print pants — she didn’t add a “P.S. You’re the worst” to the note on this fix or anything, so I guess everything’s all good between us, hehe.

Stitch Fix Piece #1: Harper Lane, Yolla Cotton Blend Pullover $68

Stitch Fix Review #6 #stitchfixreviews #stitchfixeviewsrecent

Initial thoughts:  Initially, just kind of whelmed about this one (not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed, just whelmed :)).  Like not like I’m gonna turn down a great sweater.  If I see one leaf on the ground, I get out every sweater I own, but it just seemed kind of basic.

The Try-on:  Maybe it’s the duck boots, but I felt like I just stepped out of my ski lodge in Vail holding a hot toddy (why aren’t hot toddies more of a thing? I’m gonna bring them back.)  But I felt so cute in this sweater, but there’s a definite stain right on the front of it.  I was so bummed, and went to exchange it but it was out of stock.  Still kinda bummed about it to be totally honest! 

Stitch Fix Review #6 #stitchfixreviews #outfits #fashion

The Verdict: Wanted to keep it, but returned. I’ve opted to console myself with this Target sweater.

Style notes:  Because Amazon rewards points absolutely burn a hole in my pocket — like you think I’d save them for Christmas? — but nope, my brain went right to, “You know what is an absolutely essential fall purchase?!? Duck boots!”  So now I own these pretty fabulous duck boots I mentioned above and you can find here if you also feel like they are an essential fall purchase.  They are the ultimate in cozy coze.  Also check out a more in depth review of my go-to jeggings I’m wearing above here.

Stitch Fix Piece #2: Market & Spruce Elizabetha Ruffle Detail Lace Up Sleeve Top $58Stitch Fix Review #6 #stitchfixreviews #stitchfixeviewsrecent

Initial thoughts:  This is so totally me.  I like to get pretty extra on the details front, so the ruffles and the lace up sleeves are totally my style.  Plus, just love a pinstripe.

The Try-on:  It is so incredibly cute and so incredibly me.  But it’s definitely got a spring vibe.  So if this was April, I wouldn’t be able to click “buy” fast enough.  But I’ve learned some hard shopping lessons about buying what I anticipate I’ll need for future seasons.  I’ll never get work as a psychic, unfortunately.

Stitch Fix Review #6 #stitchfixreviews #outfits #fashion

The Verdict: Returned (but if I could time travel to spring and buy this, I would)

Style notes:  I don’t always go with a bright shoe, but I have worn the heck out of these red flats that you can find here.  Bonus:  they are so insanely comfortable and you can wear them all day long with no rubbing, etc.

Stitch Fix Piece #3: French Grey Kelton Brushed Knit Dress, $48Stitch Fix Review #6 #stitchfixreviews #stitchfixeviewsrecent

Initial thoughts: So a hard truth for a fall lover like me is that traditional fall colors do me no favors.  My sister and mom can frolic about in pumpkin oranges, olives and browns, but that color palette is the worst on me.  I’m all about a #turnonthebright color scheme so I wasn’t thrilled about the color of this dress. 

The Try-on:  So I totally felt like the cutest of cute in this dress and that olive brown was actually good on me!  It was adorable on and if you see the words “brushed knit” in a description, run, don’t walk towards that piece.  It feels like wearing a piece of stretchy velvet, but better.  I can’t describe it, but it was seriously the best.  Only thing — it’s quite short.  I know I could pair it with a leggings, but I have nothing that will match it.  Another thing I’ve learned hard lessons about is buying a piece that won’t work unless you find another particular piece to make it work.  It just never ends well.

Stitch Fix Review #6 #stitchfixreviews #outfits #fashion

The Verdict: Returned

Stitch Fix Piece #4: Faith + Zoe Samarie Embrodiered Knit Top, $44

Stitch Fix Review #6 #stitchfixreviews #stitchfixeviewsrecent

Initial thoughts:  This was the piece I previewed on Instagram when I peeked.  So cute!  Love the stripes and the shoulder detail.

The Try-on:  Unfortunately on, it’s just pretty springy as well.  I could pair it with a cardigan or jean jacket, but that would cover up the detailing and then it’s just a plain striped tee, which $44 is not a reasonable “plain striped tee” budget for me.

Stitch Fix Review #6 #stitchfixreviews #outfits #fashion

The Verdict: Returned, but see spring time travel note above, because ditto.

Stitch Fix Piece #5: Erica Taylor Karen Printed Straight Leg Pant, $88 Stitch Fix Review #6 #stitchfixreviews #stitchfixeviewsrecent

Initial thoughts:  So I requested another pair of printed stretchy pants like the ones you’ll see here because they are amazing and stretchy and I wear them all the time.  These are super cute, but I was hoping for something to pair with a navy blazer and I’m afraid that that combo will make me look like a giant blueberry.

The Try-on:  The fit on these was seriously amazing.  So stretchy, but a substantial enough material that it makes for a great dress pant.  Fantastic rise and I think the hot pink sweater breaks up the blueberry look enough.  That being said, these arrived with a big hole along the seam.  Not sure what is up with this fix and the damages, but I am not here for it.  I had my finger on the “exchange” button, but then if I’m going to pay $90 for a pair of pants, I don’t want some that are going to fall apart just during the shipping process.  It was tough because they were so, so cute, but if at all possible, I want to avoid using my very minimal sewing skills, especially on brand new pieces.

Stitch Fix Review #6 #stitchfixreviews #outfits #fashion

The Verdict: Returned

That’s it for Stitch Fix Six.  Next round I think I’m asking for some business casual/interview pieces.  Maybe one more round of the printed pants?  Hoping third time’s the charm like it was with this fab romper.  What’s on your Stitch Fix or fall fashion wish list?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

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6 Comment

  1. I loved this whole fix!! Maybe make a not to your stylist if the red comes back in stock in your size to send it at a later fix?! It was so cute!!

    1. Thanks! I’m definitely making a note — I ordered another similar sweater from somewhere else, but now I can’t stop thinking about it!

  2. I got that olive green floral dress in my fix this month too and WANTED IT SO BAD but had the same problem as you – too short. Had to send it back and it pained me to do so. 🙁

    1. Still thinking about it to be honest! It’s like these dresses need a tall girl option — like we should be able to have cute dresses but also be able to move too!

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