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Stitch Fix Review #8


Stitch Fix Review #8!  For anyone wondering, “Stitch what?”  Stitch Fix is a styling service where you fill out a profile and a stylist chooses five pieces (clothes, shoes, accessories) to send your way for a $20 styling fee.  If you keep anything from your fix your $20 fee is applied as a credit and if you keep all five things, you receive a 25% discount on your whole fix.  You have three business days to make your choices and anything you don’t like gets popped into a prepaid envelope and dropped into the mail.  Basically Stitch Fix is a mail order personal shopper. Curious to find out more? You can sign up here with my referral code.  This post contains affiliate links.

So I thought I had it on the picture taking.  I did everything the same as this post and for whatever reason just my face was pixelated.  Why, I don’t know.  It was like when old TV’s would get a weird line through just a section.  I’ll crack it eventually, but I had to crop the pictures this round to not include my pixelated face so I didn’t scare people. 

So Stitch Fix #8, my stylist really outdid herself!  Given unlimited funds, this could have been a 5/5.  I almost need a dud fix to even things out :).  I didn’t leave a note this time — I didn’t have a specific occasion or anything coming up, and I’ve found my stylist seems to really wow me when I just let her pick out pieces she thinks I’d love (like this amazing coat).  So here we go!

Stitch Fix #8 Unboxing Video


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Stitch Fix Piece #1 Kut from the Kloth Pendi Crewneck Pullover, $68

 Stitch Fix Review #8

Initial thoughts:  Yay! I originally received this sweater in this fix here but there was a huge stain on the front and it was out of stock for exchanges.  This one is so close to that one that I initially thought it was it.  That first sweater made me feel like I had just got done skiing some slopes in Vail and I live smack dab in the middle of the Great Plains, so that’s quite a feat, so I had high hopes for this sweater.

The Try-on:  Honestly, this sweater is even better than the first one.  After that previous sweater was out of stock I went searching for something similar and came up short and have been mad ever since.  This knit feels really great and is a little less bulky than the first sweater and the cut and fit are spot on!  

Stitch Fix Review #8

The Verdict: Kept!

Stitch Fix Piece #2 Market & Spruce Eileene Ribbed Sweater Dress, $78

Stitch Fix Review #8

Initial thoughts: I do have a soft spot for a sweater dress and I love any kind of fun details like the buttons on the shoulders.  Sweater dresses can be tricky on me though.  A lot are too short in the length or the sleeves, or both.  I can pair it with leggings for the length, but it’s hard to hide a too short sleeve.

The Try-on:  So the length was fantastic.  It’s hard to tell in the picture because of the print, but the hem goes all the way to my knee, which is a huge win.  I’m going to wear leggings with it anyway for warmth, but I don’t want to need the leggings for coverage if you know what I mean.  And the sleeve length was great too.  Plus it’s a plush rib knit without being a bit thick or bulky.  I wavered on this so much.  But one thing about taking pictures of the pieces for the blog is that you get a more objective view than just looking in the mirror and it’s just not the most flattering piece I’ve ever seen on me.  The horizontal stripes just accentuate my middle a little bit and it’s not a 10/10, it’s more like an 8/10.  Given unlimited funds, anything that’s over a 7/10 would have a home in my closet, but I need to rein it in a bit here.

Stitch Fix Review #8

Button detail close up:

Stitch Fix Review #8

The Verdict: Begrudgingly returned. Very, very begrudgingly.

Stitch Fix Piece #3 Jill Michael Olivie Disc Layered Necklace, $28

Stitch Fix Review #8

Initial thoughts:  Trying to up my accessorries game and by up it I mean from zero.  Necklaces have been a choking hazard — for me– while my younger son is around, but he’s stopped yanking on them so much.  Love the delicate look of the necklace and the layered look.

The Try-on:  This was really cute and I love the look of it on, especially the hammered detail on the necklace.  That being said, there’s really no scenario where I would wear this necklace over the leaf necklace I received here.  It’d be different if I accessorized every day, but to be honest I rarely do, so I need to get some miles out of the leaf necklace to prove I need more accessories in my life.  Like as more than just collecting dust.  

Stitch Fix Review #8

The Verdict: Returned!

Stitch Fix Piece #4 Ply Cashmere Sevana Leopard Print Cashmere Pullover, $98

 Stitch Fix Review #8


Initial thoughts:  I would probably get on an FBI watch list while wearing cashmere because I’d be so nervous-looking they’d think I was plotting something sinister.  Nope, I’d just be nervous a Cheetos-hands kid would come in for a hug, or I would just straight up spill something on myself.  Lot of pressure with cashmere. 

The Try-on:  This was so cute on.  Loved that the hemline covered my butt without it being a full tunic length and loved the scalloping on the side of the sweater.  This was my first go round with cashmere and it was a lot thinner than I was expecting.  Honestly the other two sweaters I received in this shipment felt more plush and had a better weight to the knit.  Well no matter how cute it was, when I saw the words “dry clean only” I couldn’t get it in the return bag fast enough.  Things I’ve committed to in my life:  never wearing a strapless bra again, not buying anything dry clean only and not owning any shoes that make me hobble around like a peg leg pirate, no matter how cute something is.  If I can’t walk normally in it/wear a regular bra with it/pop it in the washer, it’s a no go.  Hey, we’ve all gotta have our standards, right? 🙂

Stitch Fix Review #8

The Verdict: Returned

Stitch Fix Piece #5 Goldray Haughton Button Contrast V-neck Fitted Sweater, $64

Stitch Fix Review #8

Initial thoughts:  Definitely has the vibe of these cardigans here.  Plus, black is not a great color on me.  I know people say it’s a great color on everyone, but then those people haven’t seen me in black.  

The Try-on:  Okay, I stand corrected.  I can look good in black.  I was so set to snap a pic and return this one, but it turns out it’s totally the dark horse candidate of the fix.  It has a great plush rib knit, and like the dress above, zero bulky.  When I was wearing this, I felt like I was going shopping at Barney’s and then headed for my house in the Hamptons when in fact  I live in central Illinois and am headed to the daycare for pickup and then to County Market, but I sure don’t mind the posh vibe.  Plus I love that this is a piece I could wear fall, winter or spring and to work or for a casual occasion.  The versatility got me. 

Stitch Fix Review #8

Stitch Fix Review #8

The Verdict: Kept!

That’s it for Stitch Fix #8!  Unless a special occasion comes up, I’m not going to leave a note again and just see what happens.  If you’d like to see more, you can check out all my previous Stitch Fixes here.  What’s on the list for your Stitch Fixes?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

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  1. I forgot to leave a note few fixes ago, and it was fun to see what my stylist picked!! I am so in love with that leopard sweater!! The cardi is so great, too!!

  2. The red and black sweaters were the right choices. They look great and are totally versatile. And hey, you never know when you might get invited to the Hamptons, you want to be ready!

    1. Girl, exactly! If my wardrobe isn’t ready, am I really ready to get those type of invites? Can’t leave that to chance! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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