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stitch fix unboxing and review spring 2021
Stitch Fix Reviews Style

Stitch Fix Review April 2021


Stitch Fix Review #16, April 2021!  If you’re not familiar with the service, Stitch Fix is a styling service where you fill out a profile and a stylist chooses five pieces (clothes, shoes, accessories) to send your way for a $20 styling fee.  If you keep anything from your fix your $20 fee is applied as a credit and if you keep all five things, you receive a 25% discount on your whole fix.  You have three business days to make your choices and anything you don’t like gets popped into a prepaid envelope and dropped into the mail.  Basically Stitch Fix is a mail order personal shopper. Curious to find out more? You can sign up here with my referral code.  This review contains affiliate links.

This April Stitch Fix is coming in hot with a new way to Stitch Fix (yep, I made that a verb) and a new way to rate pieces for your fix! Here’s the scoop …

A New Way to Stitch Fix

I don’t know if this is just a test or something since the couple other Stitch Fixers I know out there hadn’t seen it. But I usually stalk my email for when my Stitch Fix ships so that I can pretend to Begin Checkout and get a preview of what’s on it’s way. It’s the little things in life! This time I received the email below — I could review 10 items and pick out the 5 that I wanted to receive out of those choices.

cell phone with it's time to review your Fix, Carissa

Unfortunately this is the only screenshot I grabbed because I was so pumped to pick. I will say that they weren’t 10 totally unique pieces. It was like 2 similar floral blouses and 2 similar skinny jeans, etc. But it was nice in eliminating that “this was great, but I have something just like it!” that can suck the joy out of a fix. There was about a two week lag time from when I picked to when my box shipped, so that was honestly long enough to forget everything and have it be a fresh surprise.

I truly loved this option. It gave me some control and led to my receiving some pieces I really loved. When Stitch Fix has rolled out some new features in the past, I feel like they do it in waves — like my friend received an option for Style Pass (pay a $67 one-time fee and then never have a styling fee for the year) probably four months before it came up for me. I even emailed to ask and they were like, sorry! It’s rolling out as it rolls out! Which … okay. So we’ll see what happens with this and if I get it next time!

A New Way to Rate

One new feature I was super excited to stumble across on the app was a way to pin right from within the app. I’m a big believer in pinning what you like to help your stylist learn as well as rating styles in Style Shuffle. I will say if you saw something you wanted to pin from Style Shuffle, it was kind of a pain. Well no more — you can pin inspiration for your stylist right from the app!

Pin inspiration for your stylist screenshot

Spring Unboxing

The fun thing about this unboxing is that I forgot most of what I had chosen from when I received the email to when I got the Fix. So, this unboxing is really with fresh eyes!

Finally, here’s the review and try-on!

Latasha Elbow Sleeve Mock Neck Knit Top

purple turtleneck

Initial Thoughts: This one looked pretty fall to me. Despite wearing a mock neck in the review video above, I’m really not wild about that neckline on me. It just does not do me any favors, especially in a fitted shape.

The Try-On: As predicted, this neckline does not in fact do me any favors! Plus, along with my “no more strapless bras” commitment, I’m going to try to not wear shapewear unless it’s a formal occasion or similar. Or ideally, not at all. I’ve gone too many just regular Tuesdays in shapewear and I just don’t want to anymore. So it’s gotta flatter on just regular ol’ me and this one did not.

purple turtleneck on model

The Verdict: Returned!

Alena Button Down Tulip Sleeve Blouse

gray, tulip-sleeved floral button top

Initial Thoughts: Ahh! I love the feminine details of a tulip sleeve and a covered button. So cute! The only thing is I don’t like a lot of natural colors ~ I’m pretty keen on the brighter the better, and I couldn’t tell exactly what color I was getting here because it was so light and neutral.

The Try-On: So that’s me lol-ing because the top is a gorgeous lavender and I just feel so pretty and cute in this one! I can see it with jeans or crops now and shorts later.

gray, tulip-sleeved floral button top

The Verdict: Kept!

Reece Mixed Material Top

blue polka dot mixed media top

Initial Thoughts: I just love a mixed material look. This blue is so pretty, and hallelujah, they gave it a rest on the big floral prints. I like one floral print blouse and I feel like they took it as a sign that I was starting a new personal dress code of all floral, all the time.

The Try-On: Loved it! Just a perfect, springy/summery cute top for casual wear. I also liked that I got a few tops in just a regular pricepoint vs. the $80 ones I’d been getting lately. Or like my version of regular pricepoint. Once upon a time I worked at Nordstrom and a customer said she was looking for a cheaper t-shirt, like around $60. So it’s all relative, but regular to me is like $35ish and this fit the bill.

blue polka dot mixed media top

The Verdict: Kept!

Hope Split Neck Blouse

green split neck blouse

Initial Thoughts: So cute! I love this green and this is another great pricepoint, just casual staple. My last job was business professional, so all of my clothes budget went to that look and I’m ready to build my casual picks back up.

The Try-On: I’ve had this style before and it’s usually a total win on fit, but this one was just tight all around. I doubt they go up over XL and I had two definite blouse wins at this point, so I thought I’d just let this one go.

green split neck blouse

The Verdict: Returned!

1822 Denim Wynter Skinny Jean

Dark blue skinny jeans

Initial Thoughts: So my stylist knows a tall apple-shape. Like she ROCKS the bottom picks. When I chose this out of my 10 pieces, I didn’t notice it was 1822 Denim and the butter kind that I normally really like.

The Try-On: I own this brand and this would be my third or fourth pair in my life, but the fit was just off. Normally I love the butter denim because it’s the stretchiest of stretch, and this was that … but I also need a high rise. Like I used to talk smack about high rise (why were we all brainwashed by the terrible low rises of the mid-2000’s? Like the denim was cut low and the tops were cut high. Like no thank you.) So now I’m all the high rise: jeans, underwear, swimsuit bottoms. These were like one inch short of where they normally cut and I’m not going to spend every 5 minutes trying to yank them into place. Because that’s how I spent most of 2002-2006 with those terrible denim cuts. Never again!

blue polka dot top

The Verdict: Returned!

That’s it for Stitch Fix #16! I’ll keep you posted as I learn more about this Stitch Fix Preview with the 10 items and when they anticipate rolling it out everywhere!

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  1. Thank you so much! I am new to Stitch Fix (tired of not finding my size in stores.). I have waded thru tons of reviews of pixie women who literally look adorable in every pick. I finally stumbled on you. You are my exact size and height and body shape. My ladies are front and prominent and make dressing so hard some times. Everything is just a bit too short. So glad to see a that there are things they will send me that will work. (I also wondered about Nadine West…I am a bit cheap.) Junior size are not going to fit this body. Thanks for being real….Oh I agree about the shapewear. I am an SLP in a school and I find myself wearing it far to often.

    1. I’m so glad!! A taller apple shape can be a challenge, I totally agree. For our body type, I have not found Nadine West to be a win, but my Stitch Fix stylist sends me the BEST bottoms. Long, great waistband fit and no extra fabric in the thighs. I’m glad to hear from a fellow no-shapewear-if-possible person. Thank you so much for stopping by, your comment made my day!

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