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Swimsuit Review | Spoonful of Easy #swimsuits #swimsuitsforwomen
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Swimsuit review #1


For this first swimsuit review, I’ve rounded up swimsuits available through Amazon (all Prime) that are a low to mid-pricepoint in case you’re not looking to invest a lot of money in a swimsuit right now or are looking for some lower-priced options.   I’ll be back with a higher-pricepoint swimsuit review in the coming weeks!  This post contains affiliate links.

Just a general note on swimsuit shopping: I’m a firm believer that it’s a swimsuit’s job to make you feel amazing, not the other way around.  So if something doesn’t work on you, toss it in the “It’s not me, it’s you!” return pile and don’t think another thing about it.  You deserve a swimsuit that makes you feel amazing.  I’ve been every size from 10-18 in my adult life, and I’ve found a swimsuit I liked/was comfortable in at each of those sizes.  The right swimsuit for you is out there and I hope this review gets you a little closer to finding it! 

Basically, I want you walking into every pool party this summer feeling just like a boss :).

For reference, my typical sizes are a 12/Large/38D and I’m 5’9″.  Do pay attention to the sizing notes if you like one of these swimsuits, as a lot of the sizing was seriously all over the place.  I put the price, but they can vary a lot between different color options, so just a heads up there too.

The winning swimsuit  …

Amazon Cupshe Fashion Women’s Colourful Fireworks Print One-Piece Swimsuit Beach Bathing Suit, $26.99

Swimsuit Review #1 | Spoonful of Easy #swimsuits #swimsuitreview

Sizing: XL 

Cups: Yes

Coverage/Range of motion:  Good!  I was super surprised that the torso length was good on this one without needing the XXL.  Good butt coverage and pretty good support up top.

Style notes:  This one had the least fancy features (no zip back, special straps, etc.) out of all the suits I tried on, but I ended up liking it the best.  I like to be a little sucked in by a suit and this one did a decent job.  Only available in this color in this listing. Find it here

The “close but no cigar” swimsuits …

Amazon tengwen Floral Print High-Waist One-Piece Monokini Swimsuit, $22.99

Swimsuit Review #1 | Spoonful of Easy #swimsuits #swimsuitreview

Sizing: XL 

Cups: Yes

Coverage/Range of motion:  This one could have been so great!  It’s just a bit too small up top.  The bottoms fit well and I really liked the cut on them, but I would have to stand perfectly still like a statue in order to wear this anywhere.  

Style notes: This is such a cute idea of a swimsuit cut, but I can’t exactly go the pool and just stand completely still, so this is a no go for me.  If it might be a good bet for you, they have a lot of color options in this listing and other listings too.  Pro tip though: stay away from the white top ones, it makes the cups super obvious and there’s just no hiding it in that color.  Available in 4 colors in this listing. Find it here.

Amazon Viottis Women’s Deep V-Neck Backless High Waisted One-Piece Swimsuit Monokini, $9.99

Swimsuit Review #1 | Spoonful of Easy #swimsuits #swimsuitreview

Sizing: XL 

Cups:  Yes

Coverage/Range of motion: Pretty good!  I couldn’t do jumping jacks in this one or anything, but the coverage is decent up top.  I don’t think I could carry my toddler and wear this though because there for sure would be a free show there.

Style notes:  First of all — $9.99?!  Crazytown prices!  But when this arrived and I pulled it out of the package, I discovered the halter straps on this are twice as tall as I am and I was super confused.  I thought it would just be one pull-on piece.  I ended up just doing my own thing which was just doing a criscross back and going around the front– which I ended up really liking.  The model in the listing has pretty much twisted her own rope ladder out of these straps and since sometimes I feel like I barely have time to brush my hair before we head out, I’m just not gonna do that.  So either strap option will work!  Available in 4 colors. Find it here.

Amazon Runtlly Inspired Fashion Figures JENA OTS One Piece Maillot Mesh Swimsuit, $17.99

Swimsuit Review #1 | Spoonful of Easy #swimsuits #swimsuitreview

Sizing: XL

Cups: Yes

Coverage/Range of Motion:  Good range of motion!  I felt comfortable in it, but this isn’t a suit I could wear with my kids around as I’m just barely contained on the top part and it shows some cleavage.  But it is really flattering and cute, and I think anyone under a D-cup would really love this one.  Also, I liked that this had some more coverage in the back vs. a more open back.  

Style notes:  I also really liked that this one sucked you in, even with the mesh.  Available in 5 colors, find it here.

The “It’s not Me, It’s You” pile …

Unfortunately the suits I sneak-peeked in the flat lays on Facebook ended up being the most NSFW ones.  Yikes. So in a flat lay they will stay!  But I wanted to include them with my style notes in case you’re shaped differently than me and you see any good options for you.

 Amazon Zeraca Women’s Surplice Neckline High Waisted Halter One Piece Monokini Swimsuit, $25.55

Swimsuit Review #1 | Spoonful of Easy #swimsuits #swimsuitreview

Sizing: Large/14

Cups: Yes

Coverage/Range of motion:  Good butt coverage, but this isn’t a good bet if you’re heavier up top though because it’s not supportive at all.  

Style notes:  The print on this is so incredibly cute, but it doesn’t have any tummy control, like zero, which I really need in a suit.  Zero sucking in quotient on this one.  Available in 5 colors, find it here

Amazon Cocoship Women’s Retro Boho Flounce Falbala High Waist Bikini Set Chic Swimsuit, $26.99

Swimsuit Review #1 | Spoonful of Easy #swimsuits #swimsuitreview

Size: XXL

Cups: Yes

Coverage/Range of motion:  The bottoms had great coverage and they stayed in place as I moved around, but even in the XXL, the top wasn’t quite enough to give me really solid coverage and I was falling out the bottom and top of the cups.  Then since it was the XXL, the bottoms were just a bit too big to be flattering.  But I wanted to love it soooo bad!  If you are under a D-cup, this could be a great bet for you.

Style notes:  This is the one I previewed on Instagram and was so excited to try on.  Dang, I wanted to love this and if they offered it in mix and match sizing/a few more sizes, I would definitely be keeping it.  Available in 15 colors, find it here

Amazon Cupshe Fashion Women’s Leaves Printing Stripe Halter One-Piece Padding Swimsuit, $26.99

Swimsuit Review #1 | Spoonful of Easy #swimsuits #swimsuitreview

Size: XL

Cups: Yes

Coverage/Range of motion:  Good!  I loved the styling of this swimsuit, but as I’m sure you could guess, the sizing on the top was the what ruined the suit.  But the style is so cute, and if you’re shaped differently than me this could be so adorable.  There are some really fun different color options too –available in 5 colors.  Find it here

I’m excited to have one keeper out of this bunch, and I have more swimsuits on order from Lands’ End, Kohl’s, Venus and Athleta that I’ll be reviewing and sharing with you guys in the coming weeks!   I need to hustle home ahead of my husband to intercept the packages because I can hear him asking “Umm, how many swimsuits does one person need?” And as we all know, that is an unanswerable question :).

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  1. I’ve been asking myself that same question this week…Three came from amazon and grabbed a pair of high waisted bottoms from the VS Semi Anuual Sale all in the same week!!! In my defense I wear one every day, so that’s something, right?

    1. If you wear them every day, you can have an unlimited amount, lol. That’s what I would tell myself anyway! Better to have too many swimsuits you love than not be able to find any!

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