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Swimsuit Review #2 | Spoonful of Easy #swimsuitsforwomen
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Swimsuits Review Part 2


Swimsuits Review #2! My goal for all swimsuit reviews: let’s find you a really great swimsuit that makes you feel as amazing as you are, you pool party boss :).  This post contains affiliate links.

So my first swimsuit review that you can see here was all Amazon swimsuits that were a lower to mid-pricepoint  This review I went for swimsuits at a higher pricepoint from some companies I love (hello, Kohl’s!) and some that I hadn’t tried before to give you some options to check out.   Since I found so many in the last batch that weren’t great for a D-cup, I’m really hoping to find more that are this time around.  Also so many from the last batch just barely fit and I’m always after swimsuits that let me easily move — I’ve 100% had to Baywatch it over to a kid at the pool before — and I need something that fits and stays in place.  For reference, my typical sizes are a 12/Large/38D and I’m 5’9″.   

Kohl’s Women’s Zero Xposur Colorblock 1/4-zip Tankini Top $42 & Women’s TYR Della Boyshort Bottoms $29.99

Swimsuits Review #2 | Spoonful of Easy #swimsuitreview #swimsuits 

Sizing: 12 on the top and a Large on the bottoms

Cups: Yes

Range of motion: This is the sporty spice swimsuit of my dreams!  The shorts style made it easy to bend down and get a kid and get in and out of the pool no problem.  The top was low enough to be cute, but my younger son definitely gave it some strong tugs while we swam and it didn’t go anywhere.  Always a relief to not be on someone’s “swimsuit bloopers” roundup somewhere on the Internet.

Style notes:   I chose a different brand of bottoms from the top because I wanted something that hit right under the belly button but was more of a shorts style, and they ended up matching up really well.  I put the full price here, but you can definitely use coupons.  The top is available 6-16 in two colors and the bottoms are XS-XL in three colors. Find the top here and bottoms here.

Lands’ End Women’s Long Perfect V-neck One Piece Swimsuit with Tummy Control, $105.00

Swimsuits Review #2 | Spoonful of Easy #swimsuitreview #swimsuits #swimsuitsonepiece

Sizing: 12, Long torso

Cups: Yes

Range of Motion/Coverage:  Good!  It has good back coverage and sometimes I avoid a halter neck because in order to hold everything up I feel like the strap is bending my neck in half.  This swimsuit has such good structure throughout that it’s not as dependent on the tie at the neck to keep it in place and look supported.

Style notes:  I super appreciated that this came in a long torso option, because I’ve tried on one-pieces that made me look like a cocktail olive on two toothpicks because the torso length was so short and it left me hunched over.  Not a good look.  Don’t let the price scare you away — every time I’ve been on the site, swimsuits have been on some sort of promotion.  Also, if you’re someone who likes to find a favorite and stick with it my mom reports that she’s gotten 10 years out of some of her Lands’ End swimsuits.  Find it here.

Athleta Vivid Side Tie Blousy Top, $58.99 and High Waist Bottom, $59.00

Swimsuits Review #2 | Spoonful of Easy #swimsuitreview #swimsuits

Sizing:  Large in both

Cups: Yes – but the cups did twist when I was trying it on and there wasn’t an easy access panel so that I could reach in and fix them.  I did fix it, but I had to work at it a bit

Range of Motion/Coverage:  Good! The bottoms came up right under my belly button and the top stayed in place well.  I was worried that the top would be too floaty, but it stayed in place great.

Style notes:   Both pieces are available in XXS-XL and there are other colors available, but each color is a separate listing. Find the top here and the bottoms here.

Venus Blouson One-Piece Swimsuit, $79

Swimsuits Review #2 | Spoonful of Easy #swimsuitreview #swimsuits #onepieceswimsuit

Sizing:  12

Cups: Yes

Range of Motion/Coverage:  Good! I was worried the spaghetti straps wouldn’t feel very secure, but they definitely did and I didn’t have to adjust them at all — no slipping out of place.  I liked that this was the look of a tankini, but still a one piece — I think it really helped with the butt coverage staying put.  

Style notes:  I also liked that the floaty top didn’t move around too much and it allowed me to eat a bunch of brownies right before wearing it and still feel really comfortable.  Definitely need a swimsuit that supports your brownie consumption, hehe.  Available sizes 4-24, and three colors.  Find it here

Even if none of these swimsuits appealed to you, I hope it will help get you on the path to finding one that makes you feel amazing.  Because you are amazing, and there’s a swimsuit out there that will reflect your awesomeness.  You deserve to find it, friend!

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4 Comment

  1. I’ve been thinking about trying out a land’s End suit because of the long torso option! I have a super long torso and one pieces almost always ride up on me because of it. Love these suits, I so appreciate when people do swimsuit reviews!

    1. Long torso makes all the difference! I think that’s part of my that halter tie felt so comfortable too because my torso wasn’t squished into the rest of the suit. I’d love to hear if you end up finding a Lands’ End suit you love!

  2. Yes!! Long torso is a must!! I struggle to find a 1 piece that works! I’ll have to try this one out!!

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