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taste of home winter 2020 review
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Taste of Home Review Winter 2020


Taste of Home Special Delivery is a quarterly subscription box featuring fun, seasonal kitchen gadgets and recipes in each box! Here’s my review of the Winter 2020 Taste of Home box. Click here to sign up.

Guys, I was crazy looking forward to this December box! Like give me alllll the festive holiday stuff. I’m not going anywhere, but that makes me want to get like extra festive.

So this box was cozy vs. festive. Which … okay. I wanted edible glitter and New Year’s Eve staying in party and just like all the stuff. I agree January and February are good for cozying in, but we’ve been cozying in for like 10 months. Let us live it up, lol.

I still liked what I received, and I’m sharing my unboxing below (full disclosure, I’ve taken on a very casual aesthetic that I’ll be showcasing here) and I’ll show you pics of everything as well!


Box Close-ups!

They always include a Taste of Home cookbook in every box, which is fun since in addition to being a kitchen gadget nut, I also feel that way about cookbooks. We hit the soup circuit hard starting in like November, so interested to see what this has to offer.

Next up is a mini colander that collapses. Just like whelmed on this one. Because if it’s mini, is it necessary to collapse it? This will probably turn out to be indispensable since I talked trash about it, but I didn’t see the utility of it right away.

Then we have a Chicken Stew soup mix, which I’m excited is from Stonewall Kitchen, but that about ends my excitement about it.

I wasn’t sure what to think about this one. Almost everything I’ve received from them I had seen before or had as a wishlist item — but I’ve truly never thought about a herb infuser. If I include a bay leaf, I just fish it out, or don’t. It’s just kind of been a non-issue. So we’ll see if the reason I’ve never used one is because I’ve never had one or what kind of logic that even is lol.

The thing with most Taste of Home things is it’s a really exciting version of something or a really novel something. I mean the scraper side is nice and I guess it’s good to have an extra whisk around but I would say if you use whisks, you own a whisk already.

I get the theme of things to use with soup, but same as above. It’s just a basic vegetable peeler — if you have a need to peel veggies, you probably already own one.

These could be interesting as a way to up your toothpick game. We always do a party food themed New Year’s Eve in — just like sweats and delicious party food so that’s a tradition that works for this year.

Finally, this is included in almost every box and is a nice little extra – a medium roast ground coffee.

Sorry if this review was a little lackluster — I felt lackluster about it! Taste of Home almost always sends a survey and I’ll definitely share my thoughts! Check out my first review here and Spring 2021 here. What were your thoughts on this one? Let me know in the comments!

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