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Taste of Home unboxing and review spring 2021
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Taste of Home Special Delivery Review Fall 2020


Taste of Home Special Delivery is a quarterly subscription box featuring fun, seasonal kitchen gadgets and recipes in each box! Here’s my review of the Fall 2020 Taste of Home box. Click here to sign up.

If you’ve been following along very long around here you know that I LOVE a subscription box. Like love lol. I’ve tried lip product subscriptions, wine, clothing, books — if you can subscribe to it, I’ve probably tried it. The only ones that stuck it out were Stitch Fix, Book of the Month and now Taste of Home!

I’ve long been a kitchen gadget crazy and this combines my kitchen gadget hoarding love with having things sent right to my door. It’s a match made in heaven.

How it Works

It’s a quarterly, auto-renew box that arrives around the beginning of January, March, June and September. Once you sign up, they automatically send new boxes unless you cancel. Most boxes have some seasonal items in them and it’s a mix of baking and cooking and, my favorite part, a Taste of Home cookbook!

taste of home box review fall 2020

The Fall 2020 Box

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been in peak cooking mode these last six months. I like to do it, we’ve got to eat, and it’s a hobby that combines utility and fun. Plus you can interact with people as much or as little as you want.

Nordicware Microwave Mini Bundts **FAVORITE BOX ITEM**

taste of home box review fall 2020

Let’s start with this box’s fave item! Pretty excited about these. Not like the reason I don’t make mug cakes is the lack of a fancy microwave cake maker, but we can’t say for sure that’s the reason either, lol. I love Bundtware and this is a fun option for mini cake making, plus it came with two mug cake recipes!

The Ultimate Bundt Cleaning Tool

taste of home box review fall 2020

Yes! This is great for the mini bundts, but this meets a real need for me with my other bigger bundts! Definitely a good one.

Good Cook Biscuit Cutters

taste of home box review fall 2020

Sometimes Taste of Home is so spot on, it’s like are you creeping my Amazon Wishlist?! I have put these in and out of my Amazon cart so many times. Like, yes, I have legit made some biscuits/scones and a cutter would come in handy, but is this a sustainable lifestyle? Are biscuits a way of life for me? I get deep about my kitchenware needs I guess. So anyway, these will be put to good use for now anyway!

OXO SoftWorks Silicone Pressure Cooker Rack

taste of home box review fall 2020

I want to get into using my InstantPot — as a kitchen gadget lover, I don’t know why it never catches with me. So maybe this will motivate me to finally join the bandwagon!

Jom Stainless Steel Turner

taste of home box review fall 2020

This one didn’t set my world on fire or anything, but I could always use another spatula. Many, many spatula needs.

Trudeau Measuring Cups

taste of home box review fall 2020

Unlike spatulas, there is a cap on how many measuring cups you can have. But they’re so pretty, I’m sure I’ll find a use for them.

Taste of Home Farmhouse Favorites Cookbook

taste of home box review

This is always my favorite part of every box, and what makes it such a great value in my opinion. Taste of Home always includes a SUPER legit cookbook. When I first signed up and read that a cookbook was included, I imagined maybe like a stapled spine small cookbooklet. Nope. They’re all this nice. I spent the summer cooking through last box’s cookbook and I can’t wait to dive into this one.

Bonus Items

They also include recipe cards which I can honestly take or leave. I don’t have recipe box and I don’t have anywhere to put them, so they just float around until I toss them a few days later. I feel bad, but none of the recipe card recipes really knock my socks off, so it’s hard to feel any FOMO if I get rid of them.

The last few boxes I’ve also gotten a Taste of Home special roast coffee grounds, which coffee is always, always appreciated.

So that’s my review on the Fall 2020 box and I’ll definitely circle back next quarter with another review (check out Winter 2020 here and Spring 2021 here)! Any other subscribers out there? What was your favorite thing this month?

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  1. Hey! I just recently signed up with Taste of Home Box and received the Fall 2020 box. I love it! Like you though, I can take or leave some stuff! Though the Rise coffee was by far my favorite! I loved it all but this is the best coffee! Can you purchase this coffee from them or anywhere else?

    1. I’m so glad you liked it overall though! I’m with you — they need to make that more clear. It’s an awesome product, but how can we grab more? If I get a chance for feedback, I’ll definitely share that!

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