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Taste of Home unboxing and review spring 2021
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Taste of Home Special Delivery Spring 2021 Unboxing and Review


Taste of Home Special Delivery is a quarterly subscription box featuring fun, seasonal kitchen gadgets and recipes in each box! Here’s my review of the Spring 2021 Taste of Home box. Click here to sign up

How it Works

It’s a quarterly, auto-renew box that arrives around the beginning of January, March, June and September. Once you sign up, they automatically send new boxes unless you cancel. Most boxes have some seasonal items in them and it’s a mix of baking and cooking and, my favorite part, a Taste of Home cookbook!


The Spring 2021 Box Deep Dive

I have to preface this by saying in my last review I talked a ton of smack about the items being too “basic” but I totally use almost every item from that box. Like sometimes updated basics are okay, and you know they’ll get used!

First up, Joie Silicone Stretch Lids. I have a few of these from another brand and they’re useful. They’re great for covering up a bowl or plate if say your 4-year-old eats one bite of every meal and you don’t know what he’s subsisting on. It’s a great way to save on using tin foil or plastic wrap. Only thing is they’re kind of weird to clean to make sure they dry all the way.

Speaking of my four-year-old. Why am I showing you the pic of the packaging instead of the item? Oh, because my kid took it and won’t say where it is! One time he hid the new house numbers I bought for the house exterior and we didn’t find them for 6 months. What a ride. Hopefully this will turn up soon.

You know, I’ve needed a scoop a time or two. Get togethers with popcorn, snack mix, etc. Maybe we’ll actually see people this summer and we can scoop out snacks while we lol together! Hope springs eternal.

So this is a boil over protector — it’s so pretty and the silicone feels really heavy and legit. We don’t really have a big problem with boiling over — could be our 80-year-old electric stove and that we’re lucky it cooks stuff at all, but I’m going to hold on to it and see if the need emerges.

I erroneously called this a spatula in the video when I see on the packaging that it is in fact a “spoonula” so that’s good to know. I definitely have some spatulas, but I don’t know if you can have enough. Plus, I’m interested in the unique shape on the bottom here.

Okay, this item illustrates my constant fight of wanting to be more environmentally conscious and then just basically doing whatever is convenient whilst feeling guilty. So these reusable paper towels will be a great test for me if I can move toward a less paper towel dependent lifestyle!

So every box includes a Taste of Home cookbook and I look forward to it so much! Last year I got super into Farmer’s Markets as they were fun and naturally socially distanced, so I can’t wait to see more on cooking with fresh ingredients!

Bonus Items

They also include recipe cards which I can honestly take or leave. I don’t have recipe box and I don’t have anywhere to put them, so they just float around until I toss them a few days later. I feel bad, but none of the recipe card recipes really knock my socks off, so it’s hard to feel any FOMO if I get rid of them.

So that’s my review on the Spring 2021 box and I’ll definitely circle back next quarter with another review (check out Winter 2020 here)! Any other subscribers out there? What was your favorite thing this month?

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