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Taste of Home Unboxing & Review June 2021
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Taste of Home Special Delivery Unboxing and Review June 2021


Taste of Home Special Delivery is a quarterly subscription box featuring fun, seasonal kitchen gadgets and recipes in each box! Here’s my review of the Fall 2020 Taste of Home box. Click here to sign up.

If you’ve been following along very long around here you know that I LOVE a subscription box. Like love lol. I’ve tried lip product subscriptions, wineclothingbooks — if you can subscribe to it, I’ve probably tried it. The only ones that stuck it out were Stitch FixBook of the Month and now Taste of Home Special Delivery!

I’ve long been a kitchen gadget crazy and this combines my kitchen gadget hoarding love with having things sent right to my door. It’s a match made in heaven.

How it Works

It’s a quarterly, auto-renew box that arrives around the beginning of January, March, June and September. Once you sign up, they automatically send new boxes unless you cancel. Most boxes have some seasonal items in them and it’s a mix of baking and cooking and, my favorite part, a Taste of Home cookbook!

June 2021 Box

I feel like the boxes used to be more strongly themed, but this one seems to be the return to the loose theme of slicing and prepping fresh veggies. Which you guys know I am peak lazy and love a good gadget, so I was excited. There were some tools I didn’t have, some upgrades to what I do have, and a super fab cookbook as always. Check out the video unboxing below and a piece by piece reivew!

Video Unboxing

Piece by Piece Look

Okay this speaks to my kitchen gadget craziness. I have never once julienned a carrot … but is it lack of interest, or lack of a tool to do so? We’re gonna find out. I can just see myself julienning up some carrots all over all the things this summer.

I do already own a microplane zester, but it doesn’t have a handle and I will say I’ve come close to microplane zesting my own fingers. I feel like this is an upgrade and I’m excited to use it! This is one niche tool that I definitely pull out more than you would guess.

Okay this one is a must have tool for me, but I do own one I love from Pampered Chef, so this will have a new home with my mom. This one let’s you slice super fine but keeps your fingers out of the danger zone (see my noted on the microplane zester). I just do not have what it takes on fine knife skills tbh. I took a cooking class and the instructor sprinted over when he saw me with the knife. He laughed nervously and basically grabbed it lol. So safety slicer it is!

I feel like the Special Delivery picks fall into three categories: upgrade to something you already have, something you’ve had your eye on (like umm, did you creep my Amazon wishlist?!), or something you hadn’t thought of. My children will DESTROY any hinged chip clip. Martha Stewart ones? Annihilated. Cheapie clothespins bought in bulk? Didn’t stand a chance. I feel like these legit have a chance of not being a single use deal and will report back!

Do I have tongs already? Yep! But when you need a pair of tongs, will only a pair of tongs do? Also yep. Glad to have a spare pair, especially with those silicone tips.

Not Pictured: Orange Pot Scraper

So due to poor planning, you’ll see the orange pot scraper in the video but not the photo roundup. True to my word, I put that in the camper pile right away and sent it on down the line. I feel like my whole life is putting stuff away, or “getting organized” but like the ultimate never done task. So any time I can act, I do! But I’ve been doing some campfire cooking and that pot scraper will be perfect for when I’m cleaning out some cast iron Laura Ingalls Wilder style at the edge of a field.

I always love the finale of a Taste of Home cookbook in every box. And it’s always a legit, heavyweight cookbook, not like a cookbooklet, etc. Last summer’s book was one of my faves, so I can’t wait to dive in here!

That’s it for my Taste of Home Special Delivery June 2021 review! Head here to check out my January 2021 Review ormy Spring 2021 Review!

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  1. Yes Hi,
    I have been with taste of home special delivery for a couple yrs now and I haven’t received a special box lately and everytime I go into my account it says I don’t have a subscription…
    You make real hard to find any information in this membership…I really love the special delivery boxes but trying to get information is crazy…I don’t even send emails..plz help

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