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The Best jeggings #denim
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Fall Jeggings Review


Jeggings are my go-to denim look.  I don’t care if bootcut/flare comes back in style in a hardcore way, I will be like that guy wearing a leisure suit in 1987 — I’m not changing, jeggings are my jam.  So, since jeggings are my jam, I’ve very picky about them, so only two made the cut for this round of recommendations.  This post contains affiliate links.

My main jeggings criteria:  I like a high waist with a ton of stretch — I need a full range of motion (for occasions like when my preschooler locks themselves in a public bathroom stall and I need to slither like a snake underneath an adjoining stall to let them out — I need that kind of a range of motion). And they need to fit the exact same way all day long, no matter how long I wear them.  Here are two jeggings options that fit that bill:  

The Tried & True Jegging:  Kohl’s Rock & Republic Fever Denim Rx Pull-on Jean Legging, $88Jeggings Review Fall 2018

My TakeI love that these seem to be a standard Kohl’s item for now, because I’m definitely going to acquire more pairs of these bad boys.  Don’t let the price scare you away at all — I typically grab them for around $30 with a coupon double stack and the double stack comes up fairly often (often enough for me to get two pairs of full length and two pairs of crops at that price or better).   I love the super thick waistband, the stretch that stays in place and a great range of movement.  Only drawback for me– the front pockets aren’t real, but the back ones are. 

Jeggings Sizing/Wash Details:  These jeggings are available in sizes 2-18, available in short, regular and talls and in eight washes.  I’ve ordered the regular length that I reviewed here and they’re more like a crop or ankle pant on me (I’m 5’9″) but this round I got the talls and they were absolutely perfect on the length.  I’m wearing a size 12 T/L (my typical size) in Code Indigo, and I’m wearing On the Mend here if you’d like to check out that wash. Find them here.

The New Jeggings Kid on the Block: 1822 Denim Butter High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans, $44

Jeggings Review Fall 2018

My Take:  So I’ve been pretty in love with the Rock & Republic jeggings and I wasn’t looking for anything new, but nothing gets my FOMO up like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  These were suggested to me during my sale shopping and since Nordstrom is free shipping and returns, I thought, “Why not?” and added them to the ol’ cart.  When they arrived I started to have buyer’s remorse but decided to at least try them on.  Bottom line: Do you like wearing denim that feels like it’s been spun out of clouds?  If so, these are for you.  Like how am I describing denim as light and fluffy?  But I promise you that’s what they are.  And they are the stretchiest of stretch.

These have a button fly and real front and back pockets.  I’m so unused to having pockets available to me that I don’t even know what I’m going to put in them, but I just want that option.  Greedy, I know.  No inseam choices, so they work as a crop pant above a bootie, but come wintertime, I’ll need to do a taller boot for sure.  

 Jeggings Sizing/Wash Details: These are in sizes 26-34 (I’m wearing a 31 and typically wear a size 12) and just the wash shown here.  Find them here.

Any other brands I’ve missed for jeggings?  Let me know in the comments!

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7 Comment

  1. Fake pockets are such a tease! I am going to have to look into the spun out of clouds pair! I have no recs because all of mine give me saggy jean butt by the end of the day but thanks for your recommendations!

    1. You bet! Saggy jean butt is the worst, totally been there — I have worn these all day and they stay completely put! Hope you find a pair you love!

  2. Awesome review!!! I love jeggings!! I almost tried those jeggings at the Anniversary Sale… now I wish I would! I have a good pair from American Eagle that I like. They have real pockets☺️

    1. Real pockets is where it’s at! Like women like to carry stuff around too! I need to give American Eagle another try too!

  3. No, no tengo a Brian, bueno, no a nadie en quien pueda confiar al 100. Hay reseñas brillantes en Internet, pero nunca se puede estar demasiado seguro de si son de personas legítimas o no. 

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