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the limited review
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The Limited Is Back!


The Limited review based on my first time shopping there since they moved to an online-only model.  All opinions are mine.

So I loved The Limited ~ I started loving it by being a crazy Limited Too shopper (shout out to any other 90’s girls who had 25 million scrunchies to match every outfit).  And as I started needing more work pieces plus fun weekend pieces, it was kind of my go to.  Then their styles (or my style) kinda changed and I stopped shopping there.  But when they closed, I definitely missed them being around and would find myself thinking, “I should check The Limited for that!” When they closed their stores they said they would be back online only, but there was a pretty long delay and they fell off my radar.  

But recently they started hitting the advertising rounds hard ~ Facebook, Instagram, etc.   And I couldn’t not check them out.  So then then it was clearance time and they threw in free shipping, no minimum, which is basically my siren call.  So for under $35, I walked away with three tops.  But was it the same price/quality/fit that I remembered loving? First, the pieces …

The Limited Sleeveless Peplum Top in Navy, $9.99

the limited review

The Limited Short Sleeve Solid Knit Top in Goji Berry, $9.99

the limited review

The Limited Piped Sleeveless Shell Top in Black W Marsh, $14.75

the limited review

The verdict? It’s the same but better prices!  The quality and fit were just as I remembered and the style was that preppy, polished look that made me love The Limited in the first place.  I know I bought clearance, but these prices were way better than any clearance prices I ever landed there and everything I wanted was in stock in my size.  Definitely a win! 

Was my The Limited Review a match for your experience?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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