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Trendsend by Evereve Review | Spoonful of Easy #trendsendreview #trendsendoutfits
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Trendsend by Evereve Style Review #1


Trendsend by Evereve is a style subscription service similar to Stitch Fix.  You fill out a profile and a stylist sends you 2-3 complete outfits.  There’s no monthly or styling fee and you can schedule them recurring or as needed.  Curious to give it a try?  You can check it out here with my referral code.  This post contains affiliate links.

I had never heard of Trendsend by Evereve until my friend Katy referred me.   It’s similar to Stitch Fix, but you receive 2-3 complete outfits — I received nine total pieces for this Trendsend.  There aren’t any fees, and you receive a prepaid mailer to return anything that doesn’t work.  The great thing about Trendsend is that Evereve has a storefront and retail website too, so if you love something and have sender-backerer’s regret (umm, like with this black romper) you still have a chance to buy it on their site or in store. So unlike Stitch Fix, I’ll link right to the pieces, so if you see something you love, you can click right to it.

I will say that this was my absolute most complete style profile I’ve ever filled out.  Like I had to take a break and do it in two batches — you can add pictures of yourself, which I think is very helpful as a size 12 can look very different on different people and you give a ton of info on your style preferences.  Like a ton.  For reference, I’m 5’9″ a size 12/L usually.  Here’s what my take on what my stylist chose:

Bobi Ruffle Back Tank, $40, Sanctuary Field Shorts, $79 & Thirty-Nine 42 Rosie Necklace, $26

Trendsend by Evereve Review | Spoonful of Easy #trendsendreview #trendsendoutfits

Trendsend by Evereve #1 | Spoonful of Easy

My take on the top:  I feel like this is the tank top equivalent of “business in the front, party in the back” which definitely adds a fun detail to the mix.  Love the bright cherry red on this and it’s a great fit.  Plus I love that the length is a little shorter than a lot of tops that I wear, but it’s not flirting with crop top territory.  I’m wearing a Large. Find it here.

My take on the necklace: I imagine myself as this great accessorizer but I’m just not.  I always think I’ll wear jewelry, but I just don’t ever do it.  My son is still at the age where any necklace is a choking hazard — for me.  He’s a yanker, and then it’s also just one more thing to put away.  Someday I’ll be back on the accessories bandwagon, but that day is not today.  If you are a great accessorizer, I admire you very much and you can find this here.

My take on the shorts: All white clothing is a no go for me.  Too high maintenance and there’s a zero percent chance it will stay clean whether my kids are with me or not.  Plus these shorts fit, but they don’t have a ton of stretch.  Great length though! I’m wearing a 31.  Find them here.

Sunday in Brooklyn Knit to Woven Gathered Sleeve Top, $54.99

Trendsend by Evereve #1 | Spoonful of Easy

My take:  This shorts & 3/4 length combo reminds me of something I would wear if I was invited to the Hamptons.  Living in Illinois, invites to the Hamptons are a bit thin on the ground right now, but if I ever go, I’ll be wearing something just like this.  Love the ruffle sleeve and the material is super thin so it’s cool, but not so thin that you have to layer it to not give a free show. I’m wearing a Large. Find it here.

Allison Joy Stripe Chambray OTS top & Kut from the Kloth Connie Step Hem Skirt, $79

Trendsend by Evereve Review | Spoonful of Easy #trendsendreview #trendsendoutfits

My take on the top: This is so cute — I love that it’s off the shoulder, but not so much so that I can’t do the ol’ “bra off the shoulders” trick since I’ve committed to never wearing a strapless bra again.  The material was a lightweight almost crinkle material and I love the striped detail on the ruffle.  I’m wearing a Large. Find it here.

My take on the skirt:  I used to wear a denim skirt like it was my job, but then styles changed and it’s been a few years since I’ve owned one.  It was actually on my list to find one this year (yes, I make a list of style “to-do’s” hehe) and I ordered a few from Amazon early in the season that were no-go’s.  I love the length on this one — not crazy short but also not getting into the school marm length that I try to avoid.  It hit right up at my belly button and had some stretch.  The fit was great and I really like the raw edge trim at the bottom. I’m wearing a 12.  Find it here.

Blue Tassel Hampton Sleeveless Top, $58

Trendsend by Evereve Review | Spoonful of Easy #trendsendreview #trendsendoutfits


My take: So cute, but also super similar to the Beach Lunch top I loved from my last Stitch Fix.  It’s a weird problem when something is wrong because it’s so right.  Bonus here though: this was actually wearable as is with no real middle button gap!  Win! I’m wearing a Large. Find it here.

Allison Joy Tie Front Knit Top, $68 

Trendsend by Evereve Review | Spoonful of Easy #trendsendreview #trendsendoutfits

My take on the top:  So cute!  It’s a very plush, heavyweight knit and it just felt amazing on.  Loved the tie waist and navy is my jam.  I’m wearing a Large. Find it here.

Alison Joy Striped Wrap Dress, $78

Trendsend by Evereve Review | Spoonful of Easy #trendsendreview #trendsendoutfits

My take: It’s so crazy short on me that I’m actually wearing shorts under it in this picture just as a courtesy to the neighbors in case the breeze picked up.  Plus it’s too many ruffles in a short amount of space — I need to space my ruffles out or I start looking like a throw pillow.  But it’s a nice light poplin and I love the wrap style.  The neckline wraps in a way that’s not crazy low, so I wouldn’t have to wear a tank underneath it which is a win.  I’m wearing a Large. Find it here.

Trendsend overall — the very extensive style profile work was worth it ~ I feel like they got my style, even if the fit wasn’t perfect on some of the items, I really liked what my stylist sent.  There was no piece where I was like, “No, definitely not!” at first glance.  Coincidentally, this Trendsend arrived the day that a house we liked came on the market and we decided to make an offer, so pre-possible move isn’t a great time to be expanding your closet, plus the items are just a little higher than what I typically go for so I didn’t keep anything this round.  (See I can be discerning when it comes to great clothing, hehe.)  But I’ll definitely be back and would love to give this another try and if I have sender-backerer’s remorse, I can always buy the pieces directly, which is a win.  I also sneak peeked my next Trendsend here on Facebook Live if you’d like to look ahead.  Anything on your style “to-do” list? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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  1. I love this box!! Wow, they hit your style dead on!! That dress is adorable! Do you think the next size up would work, or just short in and of its self?

    1. Thanks! I think it’s just too short, because I liked the fit everywhere else. I have some skirt extenders for just such an occasion, but I hate to layer in the summer, you know? 🙂

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