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Trendsend by Evereve Review #2
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Trendsend by Evereve Review #2


Trendsend by Evereve is a style subscription service similar to Stitch Fix.  You fill out a profile and a stylist sends you 2-3 complete outfits.  There’s no monthly or styling fee and you can schedule them recurring or as needed.  Curious to give it a try?  You can check it out here with my referral code.  This post contains affiliate links. 

My first Trendsend arrived the day we made an offer on our house and even though my stylist nailed it, I just knew many, many expenses were in our future if we got the house (spoiler alert: we did!!) so I didn’t keep anything from my first Trendsend round.  But I definitely wanted to give them another go.  For this Trendsend, I asked for holiday party looks.  My stylist wrote in her note that they didn’t have a lot of holiday inventory in quite yet and that she tried to give me an alternate look with what they had.  Guys, this was such a miss.  I don’t know if I got a different stylist, or what was going on, but it was just nothing that was me in any way shape or form.  One good point: I do appreciate that they know how each individual piece fits and they adjust the size they send you accordingly.  I received a range of sizes from M-XL when I typically take a Large.  But other than that, this was not a hit for me. These pictures were hard to take.

Trendsend by Evereve Unboxing Video:


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Trendsend by Evereve Outfit #1

  • Articles of Society – Karen Cuff Crop $59, Size 31
  • Allison Joy – Everly Kimono Cardigan, $78, Size Medium
  • Sol Angeles – Grateful Ringer, $78, Size XL

Trendsend by Evereve Review #2

My take: Okay, why does this cardigan look exactly like a robe from Hogwarts on me?  Strike one.  Plus I just don’t think that this ringer tee really goes with this cardigan.  Also, what is up with all of these Halloween or Thanksgiving t-shirts?  I live in Illinois, it is very cold here during those times. I seriously remember one warm Thanksgiving in my whole life.  So I’m not keen for cold weather holiday t-shirts.  The crop capris are barely covering my butt crack, so I guess it’s good the cardigan fits like a wizard’s robe in case I need to lean down, I’d have some coverage.

The Verdict: Returned!

Piece details:

  • The crops:  I’m wearing the size 31.  Available in one was, 24-32.  Find them here
  • The tee: I’m wearing the XL.  Available in one color, XS- XL Find it here.
  • The cardigan:  I’m wearing the Burgundy in a Medium.  Available in three colors, XS-XL. Find it here.

Trendsend by Evereve Outfit #2

  • Blanknyc – Pencil Skirt, $78, Size 31
  • Allison Joy – Rumi smocked Top, $78, Size XL
  • Dylan – Silky Faux Fur Jacket, $158, Size XL

Trendsend by Evereve Review #2

Here’s the holiday party outfit all together.  Like the first outfit, I just don’t think it really vibes together as a look.  Like maybe if I had a cooler, edgier style?  I like the idea of a pencil skirt, but this is a button fly jean skirt pencil skirt and it just has a very literal 80’s vibe on the fit.  

I thought, okay let’s lose the jacket and try it as a work look.  Bell sleeves are so cute on so many people, but I look like I’ve lost my way at a Renaissance fair.  Just not a look I can pull off. 

Trendsend by Evereve Review #2

Third try — I isolated just the jacket, like maybe it can be a standalone winner from the rest of the outfit?  No.  I feel like I look like an extra from J. Lo’s Jenny From the Block video.  Again, I bet this would look amazing on the right person, but I think we can all agree I’m not pulling it off. But if they do a J. Lo. revival video, I’m ready to roll.

Trendsend by Evereve Review #2

Verdict: Returned!

Piece details:

  • The skirt:  I’m wearing the size 31.  Available in one color, 24-31. Find it here.
  • The top:  I’m wearing the XL.  Available in one color, XS-XL.  Find it here.
  • The jacket:  I’m wearing the XL.  Available in one color.  XS-XL.  Find it here.

So this was such a huge miss for me.  But I’ve been on a little too much of a winning streak on the outfit front, so that’s okay.  I’ll definitely give them another try in the future though.  In the meantime, check out my first Trendsend by Evereve review or my latest fashion reviews here

Anyone have tips for getting closer on their Trendsend?  I’d love to hear in the comments.

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