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winc wine delivery review
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Winc Wine Delivery Review


This is my review of Winc wine delivery.  It’s not sponsored in any way, just my honest review of a really great way to get wine delivered right to your door!

Here are a few things I’ve learned about parenting:

  1. You’d think “please don’t put your shoes against your teeth” would go without saying, but apparently not so
  2. Same with guessing how many times you’d have to say “forks are not for feet!  forks are not for feet!”
  3. If you can outsource/simplify any task/to-do, you should absolutely do it

I love having things delivered to my home, and wine has been on the list, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger on it.  Not sure why, although sometimes I’m a weird feet dragger (like circa 2002: “why would someone want a 1000 songs at their fingertips?!  Mixed CD’s are the BEST” – that’s a true story).  But I kept seeing ads for Winc and finally went for it and I am so sorry I drug my feet! This is living the high life!

WINC How-to’s

So incredibly simple.  Just answer a few questions about flavors you like/dislike, choose your mix (I did two reds and two whites, but you can do all reds or all whites) and you’re on your way!  I chose the Winc Featured choice which is bottles from the $12.99 bottles (so if you’re a Winking Owl from Aldi drinker like me, you’ll be bumping it up a bit from you $2.97 pricepoint, but it’s so worth it!). Or you can do Winc Select and receive more premium bottles at a higher pricepint.  You can sign up with my referral code here and get $22 credit for wine.  You can skip a month easy peasy if you need to so no worries if you don’t get through your bottles as quickly as you think you would.  

winc wine delivery review

WINC Delivery Tips and Tricks

Once I got rolling with this registration process, my only niggle of worry was delivery.  Some states require a signature on booze deliveries, and my state happens to be one of them.  I’m never home during the attempted delivery window and I loathe going to the distribution facility when you miss three attempts.  Loathe it!  Delivering to my office just isn’t an option.  But, lucky day!  Once the order has shipped, you can update it through FedEx to deliver to your local Walgreens and pick it up at your leisure! You have five days from delivery and can pick it up during Walgreens hours.  Problem solved.  And while the signature is a pain in the butt extra step, having wine just hanging out on your front porch may prove too tempting for the porch pirate set. 

winc wine delivery review

My Verdict on WINC

Final thing I love about Winc is that they provide tasting notes — in case you’re trying to up your wine knowledge game — and they go beyond the basic “pairs well with” and give you actual recipes to try with your wines.  I’ve never liked the general pairings like “pairs well with seafood” — but like what?  If left to my own devices I might just go for a frozen fish sticks pairing and call it a day.  They provided recipes to pair with my wines like Sheet Pan Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp Scampi (now we’re talking) and Fall Weeknight Pasta.  So even if you’re just Saturday Night Sweatpants Fancy, you’re still fancy.

I’ve had two boxes from Winc so far and I love it.  It stretches me out of my comfort zone and gets me to try wines I other wise wouldn’t have.  And the best part?  I don’t really need to leave my couch to make that happen.

winc wine delivery review

That’s it!   Order wine from your couch, get recipes to pair with said wines and you can mark one thing off your list as well and officially outsourced!  You can sign up with my referral code here and get $22 worth of wine to start.  And then it’s cheers!

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